Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes a promise all Supernatural fans will love

Photo credit: Supernatural/The CW, Acquired via CW TV PR
Photo credit: Supernatural/The CW, Acquired via CW TV PR /

Will John Winchester ever return to Supernatural? Jeffrey Dean Morgan has made a promise to all fans while attending the Walker Stalker Con.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan may be currently making waves on The Walking Dead, but to Supernatural fans, he will always be remembered as John Winchester. For years, fans have questioned whether the character will ever return, especially now that Mary Winchester is back. Well, there’s some good news for those, as Morgan makes a promise the SPN Family will love.

While attending Walker Stalker Con this weekend, Morgan made a promise live on stage. He says that John Winchester will certainly return to Supernatural.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch: He doesn’t know when.

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This promise is for when the show ends. Of course, he (like the rest of us) has no idea when that ending will come. However, this promise does suggest that this season is certainly not going to be the end. After all, there are just eight episodes left and the filming is currently moving onto Episode 21. There wouldn’t be enough time now to get Morgan in to film his part if the series was going to end this year. So Supernatural Season 14 should be a go!

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There are still many rumors about the end of SPN. So far, no date has been given. That 300-episode statement from Jared Padalecki was about the next milestone, not about a time to end the series. It’s unlikely that The CW would opt for a 13-episode final season for a show that is one of the network’s most-watched!

What we do know is that once Morgan steps back in the shoes of John Winchester, we may need to get the tissues ready. That would likely be the time for the end of the series. So, if that’s the stipulation for John to return, we don’t want him coming back anytime soon. He can stay on The Walking Dead and beat up zombies for now!

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Are you excited about Morgan’s promise? What do you think about John Winchester’s return? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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