PaleyFest 2018: Has Supernatural Season 14 been unofficially confirmed?

PaleyFest 2018 would have been the perfect time to announce Supernatural Season 14 but didn’t. Is this a bad thing or did we get an unofficial confirmation anyway?

When Supernatural shared that it would be going to PaleyFest 2018, fans were super excited. It was the first time in seven years since the showrunners and cast have attended and this had to mean something big. There was hope that it meant Supernatural Season 14 would get an official confirmation.

Right now, many are just assuming that the show is renewed. After all, The CW would be ridiculous not to renew and Mark Pedowitz has already said the series has a home (as long as two conditions are met).

Supernatural Season 14 being planned

While there’s been no official announcement, it looks like the showrunners are expecting a renewal. They mentioned throughout PaleyFest 2018 that they were planning for the next season–and even hinted that Jack would be part of it.

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW by Dean Buscher Image Acquired from CW TV PR

Jared Padalecki also confirmed that he was sticking around for the foreseeable. The show has become a family for everyone–fans, cast, crew, and more. This is more than just a job for Padalecki and his co-stars, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. It was also abundantly clear last night that the four regulars (including Alexander Calvert there) get along perfectly and enjoy spending time with each other.

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Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW by Dean Buscher Image Acquired from CW TV PR

Sure, PaleyFest 2018 would have been a good time to make this official announcement, but it’s not an announcement for the series to make. This is something The CW has to make, and that will likely come sometime within the next few weeks. The last few seasons have been renewed between January and March.

The CW likes to renew a handful of shows at the same time, so there may be something else it’s waiting for before announcing Supernatural Season 14. iZombie has just returned and Life Sentence has just started. The network may want to see how the two shows fair to announce them with Supernatural, Arrow and the rest.

A lack of announcement at PaleyFest 2018 is not a bad thing.

Are you excited for the future? Were you disappointed at the lack of announcement? Why do you think The CW is holding off? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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