Days of our Lives slammed for crossing the line, sparks Abigail rape controversy

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for GBK Productions
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for GBK Productions /

Days of our Lives is knee deep into the DID story involving Abigail, but social media is raking them over the coals for it.

Days of our Lives has taken on a familiar story line of a mental illness called Dissociative identity disorder, also known as DID. This has been done before on daytime TV, but this one has gotten the attention of some very angry people on social media. The NBC soap is getting lots of flak for a promo of Abigail, who is suffering from DID, hopping into bed with Stefan, her husband’s brother. Only it is not really Abigail, it’s her alter, Gabby.

Rape or consensual sex?

This has sparked plenty of controversy over whether Abigail is really being raped by Stefan, being that it is not her that is giving consensual sex but Gabby. It may be a little confusing to some, but there are many who see this as rape. As seen in the Days of our Lives clip, Abigail’s husband, Chad, walks in and catches his wife with his brother.

From the back of her head, it doesn’t look like it is Abigail considering that she is blond. She dons a dark wig when this particular alter comes out. Now Chad is about to get the surprise of his life. The controversy is that this is Abigail’s alter that is having a fling with Stefan and this is not considered consensual sex, according to social media. The comments are brutal letting the soap know that they consider this as a rape story line that is beyond disgusting.

One comment said that DOOL has crossed a line, “You crossed a line that should have not been crossed. Extremely disappointed. This is not entertainment.” Many had posted a sign that says, ‘No to rape’ and ‘Save Abby from rape’ while also using the hashtag, #JusticeForAbby.

Is this just entertainment?

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There are others on social media who are chirping back saying that this is only a soap and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. There are many stories on soaps such as people coming back from the dead and DNA tests being messed with that are usually not going to happen in real life. In fact, there are soap fans who admit that they watch daytime television to get away from the ‘real life’ stuff.

However, mental illness isn’t a laughing matter either. For some, watching a man taking advantage of a woman sexually who suffers from DID is totally wrong and disgusting. For others, it is just fiction and should not be taken so seriously.

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In addition to Days of our Lives getting slammed for their mental illness story line, ABC’s General Hospital also received plenty of negative responses for a story about bipolar disorder. When Ava Jerome decided to switch up Morgan Corinthos’ meds that he took for his bipolar, viewers were up in arms about that as well.

The soapy effect

According to an article by Yahoo, psychiatrist Gail Saltz, M.D. chimed in on this controversial topic. She suggested that this story line does not portray how it really is with DID in a real person who suffers from it.

"“Dissociative identity disorder doesn’t really exist in this form — the concept that you’re one person today and a completely and totally different person tomorrow. And the show specifies the issue nearly to the point of nonexistence.”"

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Saltz said that what is being portrayed on Days of our Lives is basically not how it is in real life. What do you think about all this controversy surrounding Abigail? Should soaps be more sensitive when it comes to real life issues, or should it just be entertaining?