5 more TV shows turning 5 in 2018

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So many TV shows are reaching their fifth birthday this year. After last week’s look at five, here’s another look at five more meeting that important milestone.

2013 was the year of so many great shows finding their start on TV. Last week, I looked at the likes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Sleepy Hollow. It’s time to look at more TV shows reaching their fifth birthday. This is a look at all shows that have been canceled since they first aired on TV back in 2013.

All these shows made it past their freshman year with varying reviews and comments. We mourn some of them now, while others had the send-off fans hoped once they found themselves drawn in with passion.

Here’s a look at five more TV shows turning five in 2018.

#1. Hannibal

The first show on the list made it through three seasons on TV. The bloody show told the story of Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), a gifted criminal profiler with a knack for empathizing with even the most dangerous criminals and psychopaths. He would work with the FBI to take down one serious killer after another, but then he was pulled onto the case of a complicated serial killer and he needs the help of a psychiatrist by the name of Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen).

It soon turns out that they develop the perfect partnership that sees them catch villain after villain. That is until Will realizes that Hannibal has a dark and twisted secret. He’s more like the villains than anyone would like to admit.

The series based on the movie  Silence of the Lambs, which was based on the book by Thomas Harris. It’s not common for a TV show adapted from a movie of a book adaptation to do well, but Hannibal surprised everyone. It’s a shame the series ended, especially since Mikkelsen managed to take over Anthony Hopkins’ iconic role as the best Hannibal Lecter so far.

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