Solo: 4 Reasons why Donald Glover is the perfect Lando

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Han Solo, Lando

Solo, courtesy Levenson PR

Solo: A Star Wars story is supposed to focus on Han Solo but the perfect casting of Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian is overshadowing it all.

Star Wars is easily one of the largest and most recognized franchises in the world. Each movie has introduced a new cast of characters for us to love. However, Solo takes up back to the origins of Han Solo, his friendship with Chewie and gives us some insight into Lando Calrissian.

Despite the movie focusing on Han, everyone has been talking about Lando. Every scene or clip that’s been released has fans clamoring for Donald Glover. It’s safe to say fans are more excited for scenes with Lando versus learning more about Han.

Billy Dee Williams introduced us to the character, but Glover is giving him new life. As you can imagine, a lot of fans don’t accept Glover and never will. It comes with the territory but it harkens back to previous Star Wars films. Fans can and will complain about anything so dismissing Glover is nothing new.

Despite all the criticism, a lot of fans can’t wait. With all the excitement around Glover, there’s no better time to discuss why he is stealing the show and why he is the perfect choice to play Lando Calrissian. Solo might not be premiering for another 3 weeks, but it’s never too early to appreciate great casting.

Check out these 4 reasons why Donald Glover was the perfect choice to play a young Lando!

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