NCIS Season 15, Episode 22 live stream: Abby’s final goodbye

NCIS -- Photo: Patrick McElhenney/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
NCIS -- Photo: Patrick McElhenney/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

We’ll say goodbye to Abby in NCIS Season 15, Episode 22. Of course, the big question is just how permanent this goodbye will feel by the end of the episode.

There are lots of questions about NCIS Season 15, Episode 22. This is definitely not one you’ll want to miss live, which is why at the bottom we have all your live streaming options, but let’s touch on what to expect in the episode first. “Two Steps Back” is Abby’s final goodbye, but just how permanent and final will it feel?

After last week’s shocking events, Abby and Reeves’ lives have been put at risk. If you need a quick refresher, I’d suggest reading the recap first and then following on.

NCIS Season 15, Episode 22
NCIS — Photo: Patrick McElhenney/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

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The promo trailer shows Abby was hit by the bullet and it’s all hands on deck to save her. Right now, it looks like she’ll be placed on life support and everyone will need to make a decision. But will this be because she’s died or because she’ll survive? NCIS doesn’t have a good track record for exiting women from the show. Cate Todd died in the Season 2 finale and Ziva was able to leave but then killed off-screen to serve as Michael Weatherly’s departure in the Season 13 finale. I hope things change for Abby and she’s able to make a recovery and chooses to leave.

One writer suggests that the promo photos for the episode give the game away. Does this mean Abby will survive?

Meanwhile, what about Reeves? He’s not in any of the promotion material for the episode or even mentioned in the synopsis. There is an image of McGee wearing a black band around his badge, which is traditional when someone has died. Could this be a hint that Reeves is the one we’ll say a permanent goodbye to? That doesn’t seem fair when all the focus is going to be on Abby. I liked Reeves and would have liked so much more from him if this is the case.

NCIS Season 15, Episode 22
NCIS — Photo: Patrick McElhenney/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

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Here are the promo and synopsis for the episode to get yourself ready for Abby’s final goodbye on NCIS Season 15, Episode 22.

"When evidence reveals a team member is a hit man’s latest target, the team must search through old case files to determine who is seeking vengeance."

Even the sneak peeks give nothing away about the fates of our at-risk heroes. Check them out below.

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As I said, you don’t want to miss this episode tonight. Make sure you see Abby make her exit from the show in whichever style it happens. You’ll also want to drop in to see what’s happened to Reeves. All your live streaming details are here.

Date: Tuesday, May 8
Start Time: 8:00 pm EST
Episode: Season 15, Episode 22 “Two Steps Back”
TV Channel: CBS
Live Stream: Stream 1 Stream 2