Timeless season 3: Why if it doesn’t happen the season 2 finale was perfect

TIMELESS Photo: Patrick Wymore/NBC via NBC MediaVillage
TIMELESS Photo: Patrick Wymore/NBC via NBC MediaVillage /

We all want Timeless season 3 to happen, but if it doesn’t (if Timeless is canceled again), the season 2 finale was just perfect.

SPOILER ALERT! This may be a post about Timeless season 3, but we will be talking about the season 2 finale and that jaw-dropping ending. If you are not fully caught up you may wish to leave now and come back once you are.

Ok, so let’s start with the horrible truth about Timeless. There is a very high chance it will be canceled. We have all been fighting for that not to happen but there is a high chance it will. NBC didn’t exactly give it a brilliant time slot and viewing figures have been less than perfect. So although we all want to see a Timeless season 3 we need to prepare ourselves for the possibility of it not happening.

Thankfully, the season 2 finale ended so perfectly, preparing ourselves for cancellation will be easier than you think.

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TIMELESS Photo: Patrick Wymore/NBC via NBC MediaVillage /

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A perfect ending

So we have all seen the finale (if you haven’t this is your last chance to leave) Lucy and Wyatt turned up in the bunker in the lifeboat. Well, future versions of them did anyway. Our present time Lucy and Wyatt, still rocked by the death of Rufus, watched in shock as they were being addressed by their future selves.

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A shocking, mic dropping style ending. One that will surely convince NBC to renew Timeless for a third season, but also one that is perfect if NBC doesn’t.

Fanfiction door opened

Like most shows that have a huge dedicated following, there will be a few fanfiction writers amongst them. And usually, when a show is canceled, they pick up where the show left off. However, not every fanfiction continuation is good. In order to have good fanfiction, you have to have good source material.

That is exactly what the season 2 finale did. It left behind good source material by answering enough questions, but not so many that it removes all of the mystery.

For example, the biggest question we had in Timeless was how Flynn got the diary from future Lucy? As far as we were aware you couldn’t travel back in time to a place that you existed in time, a.k.a your own timeline, and Lucy would have done just that to give Flynn the diary.

That question was answered in the finale when future Lucy and Wyatt turned up. Everyone made comment to how the lifeboat had clearly been modified. So clearly a modification is done to the lifeboat at some point to allow the passengers to travel to their very own timeline.

So with new information like this and all the other little bits that we learned, if Timeless season 3 was a no go, fanfiction could comfortably take over and continue the story without having to fill in some of the major gaps left behind. That way good fanfiction can be created by concentrating on the story rather than worrying about specifics of how they can do X and Y.

We all want Timeless season 3 to happen. That’s fairly obvious. But if it doesn’t that’s okay because they ended the season in a way that will allow others, maybe even you, to pick up where they left off.

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What do you think? Do you reckon the season 2 finale was a perfect way for to end in case Timeless is canceled? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.