Big Brother cast members revealed for The Amazing Race

The fall 2018 season of The Amazing Race will be entirely former Big Brother houseguests. Some of the names of the cast have already been revealed by CBS.

Big Brother cast members who are joining The Amazing Race this fall are slowly being revealed. On Wednesday morning (May 16), two more names were leaked in a report by TMZ.

According to TMZ, James Huling and Corey Brooks are joining the show. James was a part of two seasons of the show, getting named America’s Favorite Houseguest during Big Brother 17. Corey was in the BB18 cast, which also happened to include James. Corey is best remembered for dating eventual winner Nicole Franzel.

Big Brother cast members on Amazing Race

Already announced as being part of the new Amazing Race cast are Caleb Reynolds and Rachel Reilly. Rachel was also on several seasons of the show, highlighting the BB13 cast. She would end up winning the $1 million prize from that season.

Caleb jumped from being in the Big Brother house to be on Survivor for CBS. With two seasons of Survivor under his belt, now Caleb will join a third reality competition show for the network.

Fall excitement on The Amazing Race for CBS

As previously reported by Inside the BB House, the fall 2018 season of The Amazing Race will have a different presentation. Every person competing for the $1 million cash prize has already been in the Big Brother house. This presents an interesting new wrinkle, spurred on by the success that Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson just had.

When Jessica and Cody won, it created a lot of positive buzz for the network. Now, it has opened the door for more former houseguests to swap shows. Following the presentation of Big Brother 20 this summer, CBS will roll out a new season of The Amazing Race that will be easy to cross-promote.