A Shadowhunters Halloween special is coming to Freeform this October

At this week’s Upfronts event, Isaiah Mustafa aka Freeform Santa announced that Shadowhunters would have a Halloween special event, but how will this affect season 3B?

We were admittedly disappointed that Shadowhunters was not picked up for season 4 at Upfronts this year, but seeing as how there’s no precedent for that to happen, we’re not so worried about the show being renewed sometime during the hiatus.

Opening up the presentation was a hilarious video (we’ve searched the Internet for it and have yet to be able to find it) featuring the judges of American Idol hosting auditions. And the hopeful contestants? They were all characters from hit ABC and Freeform shows, including Kat McNamara and Harry Shum Jr. in character as Clary and Magnus, who both were eagerly awaiting their turn to audition. They didn’t sing in the clip, but it was a lot of fun to see them included in the opening segment for the event.

Shadowhunters did not have their own segment within the Upfronts presentation, but Isaiah Mustafa did introduce himself as Freeform Santa (if you haven’t seen the video yet, you need to check it out) to announce that the network will “expand its holiday dominance with over 1000 hours of themed programming” starting with “31 Nights of Halloween” in October, “Kick Off to Christmas” in November, and the iconic “25 Days of Christmas” in December. Included in that holiday programming will be a Halloween-themed Shadowhunters.

Shadowhunters Halloween

Photo credit: Freeform / John Medland, acquired from Freeform Press Site

A Shadowhunters Halloween special

During Freeform Santa’s mention of a Halloween episode, another screen on stage displayed a photo of the Shadowhunters cast along with a giant caption that read: “3-Night Event.” We originally took this to mean that we would have a 3-night Shadowhunters event, but when the official press release was posted later that day, it clearly said “episode” — as in just 1.

If it is in fact a 3-night Shadowhunters event, does that mean 3 of the 10 Shadowhunters 3B episodes would all air in 1 week?

Maybe the 3-Night event is for Freeform scripted content in general, including just 1 Shadowhunters episode, and other shows will also have Halloween specials on back-to-back nights that same week?

Either way, we definitely need more information from Freeform about what this will look like.

We’re actually hoping that Shadowhunters will do something similar to what Stitchers did during their first season, and air a special Halloween episode in addition to the other 10 episodes in their season. If this is the case, we could get a full 10 episodes of season 3B AND a Halloween episode.

We’d also love an episode of the Dom Sherwood just scaring people on set with that Owl helmet…

We don’t yet know when Shadowhunters season 3B will return, but at NYCC the word “summer” was used. With the incorporation of an October Halloween special, it would make sense if season 2 episode 11 premiered sometime in August after The Bold Type ends their second season — the series that will take the Tuesday 8pm slot on Freeform. We’re also hoping to get confirmation soon that the cast will promote season 3B at San Diego Comic Con this year.

What would you want to see in a Shadowhunters Halloween special? Can local NYC kids trick or treat at The Institute? Should Madzie dress up as a Shadowhunter? Will there actually be scare pranks in the story? Is there an influx of demons on October 31? The possibilities are endless.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesday nights on Freeform.