Timeless fans are getting creative with #RenewTimeless

TIMELESS Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC via NBC MediaVillage
TIMELESS Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC via NBC MediaVillage /

#RenewTimeless is dominating Twitter as Timeless fans get really creative at trying to convince NBC to renew the series.

You might have noticed #RenewTimeless is doing the rounds on Twitter. The NBC series aired it’s season 2 finale last week and ClockBlockers everywhere are now campaigning to convince the network to renew Timeless for a third season.

They have been campaigning so hard that they ranked higher than shows considered much more popular and in demand like The Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy when it came to the Neilson Social ratings. Yet, NBC has still not made any decisions which have caused fans to get a bit creative in the #RenewTimeless campaign.

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TIMELESS Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC via NBC MediaVillage /

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Clockblockers are hijacking other NBC shows

If you were to take a quick trip over to the official NBC Twitter account. You will see plenty of Tweets from the network advertising upcoming shows, general announcements, the usual stuff networks tweets. They seem to be very popular as well. Plenty of people appear to be engaging with the network.

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Well, if you were to take a closer look. That “engagement” Is Timeless fans. Hijacking other NBC shows to make sure NBC take notice that they want #RenewTimeless to succeed. Every single Tweet NBC has sent out is flooded with #RenewTimeless responses. It’s hilarious.

They are quite creative as well. The best so far is the upcoming Royal Wedding Tweet NBC sent out. Plenty of Timeless fans jumped in to point out they would happily watch the Royal Wedding. As long as it was the wedding of Lucy and Wyatt.



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So what do you think? #RenewTimeless is certainly getting creative. Do you think this will make NBC listen and renew the series for a season 3? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.