What we would like to see from the DC Titans series


The upcoming DC series Titans is one of the most anticipated comic-oriented series and we have a few hopes for the first live-action debut of the team.

What we already know about the series is the official Titans cast, team roster and where to see it (prepare yourselves for DC’s upcoming service) but for the most part it has been shrouded in secrecy. Of course as a massive Teen Titans/Titans fan, there’s that general sense of pure joy that it’s happening – but that doesn’t stop us from having a few ideas for the upcoming Titans incarnation.

Utilize Terra!

Terra is one of the most under-appreciated DC characters after becoming a hero-turned-villain. In some incarnations she still desired to do good and in others she was the tool of Deathstroke – but having her story end as someone who was manipulated by a much older man just doesn’t feel like a good place to end a character with such potential. Bring Terra into the mix, and if they go the villain route it would be nice to see DC challenge the previous depictions by giving her more longevity for a redemption arc. Regardless of the method, Terra is certainly a character we could use in the DC universe so fingers crossed she will make her debut eventually.

Create a strong, menacing villain

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DC is filled with several villainous roles, but I believe a crucial part of the series is something that requires the team to band together. Nothing brings that out more in characters than uniting for conflict, so if we have our heroes lives in jeopardy and forcing them to step up it will surely bring that out. Of course Deathstroke is an obvious option (despite the Arrow and Justice League version) but the series is said to bring Brother Blood and H.I.V.E. into the fray which is actually a perfect choice. As long as we have some intense battles to look forward to, I’m excited to see what evil presence makes its way to the series.

Explore Starfire’s story potential

Starfire has been a fan favorite for her quirky traits due to her origins from the planet Tamaran. With that being said, the character holds more of the idealistic human traits than most that were earth-born. When you combine that with her impressive range of abilities and power, Starfire is an instant role that holds massive potential. Eventually, Starfire’s role could even lead to a visit from her sister Blackfire who would be Starfire’s biggest competition and moral quandary. There’s always the chance of a Nightwing and Starfire relationship too, so if they explore that option I hope it goes better for her than it did in the comics.

Independence from the CW DC series

Yes, I do realize that all of the DC series on the CW have a solid fanbase, but it’s about time to separate from the already long lineup. It would be nice to see this create a timeline of its own without requiring any help from other existing series. The Titans are already so well-known that it is certainly time for them to get their shot in the live-action spotlight without any other heroes trying to steal their shine. Besides, if this is going to air on DC’s streaming service it doesn’t require the CW nod of approval so have some fun DC!

With DC currently working on Titans and the upcoming sequel series Doom Patrol, there’s going to be no shortage of heroes, so hopefully they feel the same way about some of our ideas for the upcoming debut of Titans.

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What would you like to see from Titans when it debuts later this year? Share in the comments below.