13 Reasons Why season 2: The biggest moments from each episode

13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center
13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center /
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13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center
13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center /

With the return of 13 Reasons Why, we take a look at the show’s second season. Check out our full recap of season 2 which dives deeper into the cause and effects surrounding the tragic events that occurred in the first season.

13 Reasons Why season two begins about five months after Hannah’s death. Just as the first season delves deep into graphic content, season two really is no different. It goes back to those tragic moments and investigates further into the cause and effects of those impactful scenes.

Before we begin the recap, it is important to reiterate Netflix’s feeling that this series is not recommended for everyone. There are a few particular scenes that will undoubtedly cause a lot of discussions. Warning messages appear before the episodes regarding the mature content and the link to the website which offers specific resources to anyone in need.

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You can find our full in-depth recap of the first episode of season two here, but we also have a refresher before we discuss the rest of the season.

Episode 1 – “The First Polaroid”

Not much has changed at school in the wake of Hannah’s suicide. Bullying is still as prevalent as ever. Mrs. Baker is still reeling from the death or her daughter while Clay acts like he is coping but deep down he is just as confused as he was when it just happened. The trial between the Bakers and Liberty High School is about to begin with many of Hannah’s classmates set to testify.

Tyler is the first to testify and he tries to paint a picture that Hannah was a kind person despite the lies that were spread about her. He felt like he could stand for the other kids bullied in school. Alex goes back to school for the first time since attempting to kill himself. It also happens to be Jessica’s first day back. Jessica seems to be okay until she runs into Bryce and faces her rapist for the first time since the incident.

Clay is currently dating Skye as the two grew closer over the last few months. The trial starts to dig up everything causing Clay to see a figment of Hannah. Clay finds a Polaroid that shows a girl and a guy that says “Hannah wasn’t the only one” on the back. He continues to envision Hannah everywhere like a ghost haunting him. By the end of the episode, she talks to him and asks Clay what he will do with the photo.

Other important moments:

Clay is not on the witness list so there are no plans for him to testify during the case.

Tyler gets threatening messages left in the dark room before he testifies.

Mrs. Baker’s lawyer says they can’t use the tapes in court so that means they can’t accuse Bryce of raping Hannah or mystery girl (Jessica).

While Jessica was out of school, Bryce made up a story that they slept together consensually and she left school because she cheated on Justin.

Alex asks to read his suicide note and it says “I could’ve stopped it.” He doesn’t know what he meant because he can’t remember anything up a month before his suicide attempt. He flinched when he pulled the trigger and the bullet went in and out of the side of his skull. He also lost partial movement in one arm and leg so he relies on a cane. Zach is helping with his physical therapy recovery.

Mr. Porter, the guidance counselor confronts Bryce, pins him against the wall, and threatens him.

Mr. Baker doesn’t attend the trial. Mrs. Baker feels more guilty when he learns things about her daughter that she never knew before.