What are the critics saying about Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Han Solo, Star Wars photo via Walt Disney Studios Media File
Han Solo, Star Wars photo via Walt Disney Studios Media File /
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Han Solo, Star Wars photo via Walt Disney Studios Media File
Han Solo, Star Wars photo via Walt Disney Studios Media File /

Solo: A Star Wars story hits theaters this weekend! Does the highly controversial  prequel deliver the goods or is it as unnecessary as fans initially feared?

From the moment it was announced, Solo: A Star Wars story has been fighting an uphill battle. Many Star Wars fans deemed the movie to be unnecessary while others were more open to the idea of a prequel centered on the iconic smuggler known as Han Solo.

The trickiest part of Solo was always going to be casting the titular role. Who could possibly step into those famous shoes and deliver anything close to what Harrison Ford did years ago? It makes sense, then, that when the news of Alden Ehrenreich’s casting broke the fan reaction was a seemingly-universal shrug. Many pointed out that Ehrenreich did not look anything like a young Ford and even offered up their own casting suggestions. It was too late, though. The deal was done and Ehrenreich was set to play Han Solo whether fans wanted it or not.

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Further complications arose when it was revealed that directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had been fired from the project in the middling of shooting the film. This was seen by many as the final nail in the Solo coffin – after all, the hiring of Lord and Miller (respected in the fan community for their work on The Lego Movie) was the one thing that gave fans hope for the film. Shortly there after, Ron Howard was announced as the replacement director for Solo.

With a highly complicated production history and shockingly low fan enthusiasm, is there any chance left for Solo: A Star Wars story? Well, the film has been screened for critics so we finally have some reactions to it.

The film currently has a 70% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes – thought it is worth noting that more reviews will surely trickle in as the week goes on. While that rating is certainly not horrible, it does make Solo the third lowest rated film in the Star Wars franchise ahead of only The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones (at 55% and 66%, respectively.) The rating is a far-cry from the other recent films in the franchise as well, including first spin-off film Rogue One which earned an 85% rating.

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