9 best lines from the Supernatural Season 13 finale

Supernatural -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

The Supernatural Season 13 finale was full of intense moments, questionable actions, and fears for our favorite characters. Before getting deeper into looking back over the season as a whole, it’s time to look at the best lines from the episode.

The Supernatural Season 13 finale didn’t disappoint. It was full of intense action and fears for our favorite characters. Whether or not we agreed with Dean’s decision isn’t up for a debate right now. What we fear for the future isn’t coming into this. First it’s time to look back over the episode and pick out the best lines.

While most of the best lines are certainly from the big players, there are a few guest star bests too. Here are the nine best from “Let the Good Times Roll.”

Let me get this right — the ice caps are melting, a movie where a girl goes all the way with a fish wins Best Picture, and that damn fool idjit from The Apprentice, is President.

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Since it’s not going to be easy to get everyone back to the Apocalypse World, Sam runs over everything people need to know about this world. And that means running through the melting ice caps and the current president. I would have loved to see some sort of mention on Lucifer being president at some point, but guess there wasn’t enough time for that.

Everyone seems to be settling in okay in town. Ketch is out doing Ketch things. Rowena and Charlie are road tripping it through the Southwest.

Mary and Bobby discussed their next moves at the start of the episode. Without an archangel, Bobby admited that they couldn’t get back through the rift now and that meant they were stuck in the current world. However, he did make sure he caught us up with where some of our favorite characters were for the episode–mainly giving us reasons for them not to be in the finale. The best part had to be “Ketch is out doing Ketch things,” because we all know what that means!

Yeah, well, that’s why I’m a Khloé man.

Sometimes we need a little pop culture and comedy for relief in the Supernatural episodes. This was one of those moments. As Sam, Dean, and Cass went to fight some werewolves, Cass could tell them what he was hearing about the conversation: whether Kylie Jenner would make a good mother. This was fun, but it was Dean’s response about Khloe that had me giggling.

Supernatural season 13 finale
Supernatural — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

Yeah, I don’t like to speak ill of people, but Sam is a big fat liar and he’s a bad person and like, freakishly tall, so…

Lucifer couldn’t help but get a few digs in–and, of course, spread more lies. Well, actually, this time Sam had lied to Jack but we still never trust Lucifer, right? This line did make me laugh though, since it brought back some of the tall jokes. While they were mainly reserved for Crowley, Dean has often commented on Sam’s height so it didn’t feel like a dig like a certain line a few episodes earlier.

Exactly like Star Wars. You want a lightsaber? I can make you a lightsaber. Heck, I can make you a Wookiee.

While trying to explain the solar system, Jack finds something that he can understand to reference: Star Wars. Honestly, now I really want to see Jack with a lightsaber and a Wookiee. That would have been a fun quick snippet for the Supernatural Season 13 finale, right? Maybe it can be one of those special featurettes.

Supernatural — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

You’re not my father. You’re a monster.

Jack is able to show off more of his powers during the episode. One of those is to make even an archangel tell him the truth. When he learns just what type of person Lucifer is, he realizes that he’s the monster that everyone has made him out to be. Unfortunately, that just leads to Lucifer deciding he just needs Jack’s grace.

No. What if — what if you had your sword?

While I saw the “twist” with Dean saying yes to Michael, I did really enjoy this line. Andrew Dabb managed to bring it all back to the fifth season when Zachariah told Dean that he was Michael’s sword. It’s something that many fans possibly temporarily forgot. I knew I’d not called Dean Michael’s sword for a long time. Plus with the flashbacks, it felt like a good connection to Supernatural Season 5.

He’s family.

Once more the topic of family comes up. As Lucifer tries to convince Sam that Jack isn’t worth much because he’s killed people, Sam makes it clear that he doesn’t care. This isn’t just a beautiful line, but it’s the look on Jack’s face. There’s that glimmer of hope and love. He feels guilty but he feels thankful that Sam can see past that.

No. No, we did it. We did it.

Finally, it’s all about the last part. As Sam tells Dean that he “did it,” Dean corrects him. After all, if it wasn’t for Sam throwing the archangel blade, Dean wouldn’t have been able to kill Lucifer. They did this together.

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What were your favorite lines from the episode? Which was your best moment? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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