Everything coming to BritBox in June 2018

It’s another month and that means more exciting British content being available for streaming. Whether you love news-focused comedies or prefer your Midsomer dramas, BritBox in June 2018 has something for you.

With a new month comes exciting new British content available to stream. BritBox in June 2018 literally has something for all. Whether you love the news comedy program Mock the Week or would like a Midsomer Murders special for midsummer, there is something for you.

Here’s a breakdown of everything coming to the official service in June. We’ll break it down by week in a bit, but first, let’s look at some of the highlights.

We’re all still in Royal Wedding fever. According to BritBox, the Royal Wedding Day was four times bigger on the service than any other day. It’s not surprising considering all the Royal Wedding footage leading up to the big day and on the actual day itself. Well, don’t worry if you feel a little down or you have the wedding blues. You’ll get two exciting productions to watch, depending on whether you want the highlights of the whole day or a focus on the musical performances.

Last of the Summer Wine is also coming to BritBox in June 2018 in full. All five seasons will tell the story of the elderly residents in Yorkshire, as they go through life and getting up to mischief.

BritBox in June 2018

Photo credit: Last of the Summer Wine/BBC — Acquired via BritBox PR

Midsummer will bring you some epic content. You’ll get the chance to count down the top five murderous episodes of Midsomer Murders. What better way than to sit back and enjoy the longest day of the year?

Now it’s time to delve into the weekly content from BritBox in June 2018.

Week 1:

  • June 1st: Springwatch –– (North American Exclusive Premiere)
  • June 2nd: BritBox Royal Wedding highlight shows — The Soundtrack of the Royal Wedding Service & Royal Wedding Highlights
  • June 7th: Would I Lie To You? Seasons 10 and 11 — (BritBox Exclusive)
  • June 7th: Mock the Week Season 17 — (North American Exclusive Premiere)

Week 2:

  • June 9th:  Trooping The Colour — (North American Exclusive Premiere) (Live + Now)
  • June 13th:  Our Girl Seasons 1 and 2 – (North American Exclusive Premiere)

Photo credit:Mock the Week/BBC — Acquired via BritBox PR

Week 3:

  • June 16th: In Conversation with Lesley Manville  — (BritBox Original)
  • June 17th:  Last of the Summer Wine Seasons 1-5 — (BritBox Premiere)

Week 4:

  • June 21st:  Midsomer (Murder) Solstice — Counting down the top five episodes
  • June 23rd: Merlin — (BritBox Premiere)
  • June 27th: Dalziel & Pascoe Seasons 8-11 — (BritBox Premiere)
  • June 30th:  Edge of Heaven Seasons 1 and 2 — (North American available, US Premiere)

BritBox is a subscription service, bringing you the best programs from the two biggest broadcasters in the U.K. You can sign up at BritBox.com and take advantage of a 7-day free trial. You can also watch BritBox through Amazon Channels.

What will you watch on BritBox in June 2018? Which TV show have you been looking forward to for the summer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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