Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Wyatt stops the wedding, Liam learns the truth

Liam and Hope’s wedding is about to happen on the Bold and the Beautiful, but there may not be one after all.

Liam is about to marry Hope in a simple ceremony on the Bold and the Beautiful, but Wyatt just can’t let him go through with it until he knows the real truth. He just can’t go along with Bill’s charade any longer. He objects to the the nuptials and begs Liam to listen to what he has to say.

Hope is blindsided

Bill has caused all sorts of problems just to get Steffy back. He is relentless in his pursuit. He has used one son to lie to his other son, and it is all about to blow up. Wyatt wants nothing more to do with the secrets and lies that has been going on to make sure Liam doesn’t get back with Steffy. Bill wants Liam to marry Hope, but Wyatt is about to blow that all up in his face.

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Hope will be blindsided by this revelation. Of course, she hasn’t been completely innocent, but now she is counting on having a life with Liam. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that Hope will be getting worried after Wyatt hauls her groom away for a talk.

On Monday, Liam will share the news that his brother told him. This will postpone the wedding for now. Liam is so indecisive anyway, and this will really put him in a tailspin of emotions. He is expected to lay into Bill about the lie he told.

Bill underestimated Wyatt

Justin tried to warn Bill that his son holds the key to his plans. However, Bill didn’t care. He doesn’t think that Wyatt will spill the beans, but he was way too confident. Wyatt is about to do it and doesn’t care that he could lose everything if he does.

This week on the Bold and the Beautiful will be explosive. And poor Hope looks so pretty in that wedding gown, too. Is the wedding off or just postponed?