Everything we know about Todd McFarlane’s Spawn film so far


The first announcements for Todd McFarlane’s Spawn film have finally begun to circulate online. One of the most recent reveals indicated Jamie Foxx would play the supernatural creature. Although, we still don’t know much about the film’s plot.

Now that we know Jamie Foxx is playing the lead in Spawn, we can start putting the pieces together. The first item of interest was Todd McFarlane’s reveal of Spawn being depicted as this sort of supernatural entity rather than a superhero. McFarlane included this tidbit about the film when he spoke to Collider.

What this means for the movie is that it won’t center around Al Simmons aka Spawn. He’ll obviously be in the film but the central cast will be made up of different characters; most likely those from the comics.

In his comments to Collider, McFarlane indicated that Twitch, a detective from the comics, would be at the center of the film. He goes on to compare Twitch and Spawn’s relationship to the dynamic between Chief Brody and the shark in Jaws. Basically, Twitch is hunting for a nightmarish creature-like version of Spawn.

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As far as other characters go, the Violator, Satan, and God seem like possible entities in the film. Since the movie is going to be more of a supernatural thriller than a superhero movie, it’s safe to say cosmic beings from Spawn’s mythos will appear alongside the horror. They might only appear in limited capacities but if it’s a supernatural thriller, it would make sense for other creatures to be present.

Movie set to follow Twitch’s hunt for the hell-spawn

My guess is that Twitch will be midway into his hunt for the title character when he’ll encounter another creature from Spawn’s mythos: the Violator. When he does, the threat of a merciless creature will outweigh that of Spawn, leading up to a brief partnership with Spawn. Of course, the dynamics of their relationship might not change too much if Spawn is this rabid shark.

In terms of who could portray Twitch is still up for debate but Leonardo DiCaprio was apparently in the lead. McFarlane told Vulture that he wanted DiCaprio to take the lead in the film which sparked curiosity. Many people assumed DiCaprio was in line to play Spawn but McFarlane was referring to DiCaprio playing Twitch. There’s been no word on whether or not DiCaprio accepted the role but he would make for a good antithesis to Jamie Foxx’s character. Though, that’s yet to be determined.

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Whatever happens, this movie is turning out to be quite the interesting. It’s following a detective on the hunt for a supernatural creature with Jamie Foxx as the monster — that alone should make for an entertaining thriller. And, we can only guess what other surprises Todd McFarlane has in store — he did create the creature after all.

The movie has yet to receive a release date.