Is Keith David the new funeral director in Tales From The Hood 2?

Tales From The Hood is finally getting a sequel and it looks like Keith David is in line to play the new funeral director. An image posted by Rusty Cundieff was hinted at David taking on the part.

Not long ago, it was announced that the 90’s cult classic, Tales From The Hood, would be receiving a sequel. Rusty Cundieff is reportedly back to direct but he’s brought in some new faces to join the cast — one of the whom is Keith David.

Rusty Cundieff recently posted a picture of himself and David on the set of T2 to Twitter. The image depicts Keith David in his costume which looks awfully similar to the getup worn by Clarence Williams III in the original film. It may simply be coincidental or for a specific scene but there’s a good chance the suit is an indication of David becoming the new funeral director.

In the original Tales From The Hood, the funeral director (Clarence Williams III) who tells the tales wears a unique suit during his storytelling. It’s nothing out of the ordinary but its very distinguishable, to say the least. Similarly, Keith David’s can be seen in one of his own. The color scheme of the suit is a bit different but the aesthetic is the same, giving us reason to believe there could be some correlation.

Apart from the similarities in suits, Keith David also makes for a good replacement. No one can measure up to the acting prowess of Williams III but since he’s retired, someone else will have to do. That’s not to say Keith David isn’t up for the task but he definitely has a big task ahead of him. Of course, David has a number of acting credits under his name that more than qualify him to play the funeral director so Tales From The Hood 2 should be a piece of cake.

Tales From The Hood 2’s release date is TBA.