The original Teen Titans series could still return for a season six

Photo Credit: Teen Titans Go!/Cartoon Network Image Acquired from Turner Pressroom
Photo Credit: Teen Titans Go!/Cartoon Network Image Acquired from Turner Pressroom /

The popular 2003 series Teen Titans could potentially return for a season six, but it’s dependent on one particular thing…

It’s been 12 years since the original Teen Titans animated series concluded, but it has proven to maintain a steady fan base after all these years. It went on to receive a film on Cartoon Network and spawned the lighthearted spin-off series Teen Titans Go! that has aired four seasons with a fifth beginning in June. In addition to the Teen Titans Go! series, a film titled Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is hitting theatres on July 27, 2018.

This is one of the rare animated DC films to earn a theatrical release and apparently there’s hope to expand the series as well as see the return of the original Teen Titans series. Veteran voice actor Tara Strong recently responded to a tweet that asked for a return of the animated cult classic, offering a glimmer of hope that season six could become a reality.

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In the tweet (included above), Strong indicates the success of the film is the deciding factor on the production of the series’ return, also telling another fan that those were the exact words of a WB executive. One of the WB/DC strengths over the years was their animated series Teen Titans, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, as well as earlier Batman series, so the potential concept of bringing back a piece of that success is enough to give Teen Titans fans hopes for the future.

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Even though Teen Titans Go! and the original are very different series, checking out the movie in theatres this July is a necessity for those who want to see a season six!

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