Are we secretly getting two Jokers in one movie?


Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix both have Joker movies in development. But are we secretly getting two Jokers in one wild Joker movie? Let’s speculate!

Yesterday, news broke about Jared Leto getting his own Joker movie. To make matters more confusing, Joaquin Phoenix also has a Joker film in development. This morning, I was prepared to go on a full-blown rant about Warner Brothers making two films about the Joker at the same time. In a way, I still want to rant about this idea. The idea seems very confusing, especially if they plan on releasing both movies close together. Even as a business decision it seems terrible– allowing one film to possibly cannibalize the interest in the other.

Mulling it over this morning though, an interesting theory developed. What if all the reports of two separate universes and plots are false? Go with me here. What if, for the first time in movie history, we have two Jokers in one single film?

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A deck of cards has two Jokers

This has nothing to do with anything evidence related, but it’s a fact that a deck of cards always has two Jokers inside. If the studio is developing a film with a double joker appearance, this can serve as a thesis for that idea. That one must exist as well as another.

Having the threat be a double-headed snake of a wildcard to all imposing threats is an interesting approach. This is one of the reasons that brought the theory to mind. There is never one joker, there’s always another within the package. Am I losing you yet? Well, let’s get crazier with this, shall we?

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Two standalone Joker movies sounds like Fake News

Just to be clear, this might, in fact, be happening. Warner Brothers and DC have not always been known for their wise decision-making. So when they say they are making two Joker films in two universes I’m inclined to trust their info. This also would not be the first time DC does something similar.

Back in 2008, Warner Brothers almost made Justice League: Mortal, with Armie Hammer as Batman, while Christopher Nolan was filming The Dark Knight.

One has to hope Warner Bros/DC are actually smarter than this though. The idea of two standalone Joker movies seems like a trainwreck. Even if they both turn out good, one would most likely get less business because of confusion.

To me, the idea of two jokers in a single film is still a rough idea in theory. In comparison though, it would be more interesting and ambitious than pushing both films of the same character. What if this is secretly, “all part of the plan?”

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Photo – Warner Bros. /

The Three Jokers Conspiracy

I had to consult a friend on this knowledge, but apparently, in the “Rebirth” series of Justice League #42, Batman attains the use of the Mobius Chair, and gives the chair one question: “What’s the Joker’s true name?” Eight issues later, the answer reveals, “There are three,” as in three Jokers.

I’m not fully aware of how the mystery or conspiracy played out, or if it was ever explained. Geoff Johns handled that series though, and if he is in charge of DC on film, maybe he plans to adapt this loosely to the big screen. It’s far-fetched, but the concept sounds more appealing than what we have had so far.

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All this might not come to fruition and, honestly, the idea of a Joker movie with two Jokers might be just as terrible. Right now, we can only hope Warner Bros/DC start making some bold decisions. We have not seen a Joker movie that has two, and personally, the idea sets the imagination on fire. Whether one is born out of admiration for the original Joker, or if a dying Joker intends to spread his legacy onto some poor soul he intends to drive mad– the potential is there.

My hope is the two Joker films don’t actually happen, but if Warner Brothers are making them both, at least do something differently. Only time will tell.

Do you think WB/DC are secretly putting two Jokers in one movie? Is this theory ridiculous? Let us know in the comments!