Halloween reboot: Here are the top moments from the first trailer


After the release of multiple teasers, Blumhouse finally debuts the first full-length trailer for Halloween. Michael Myers is back but this time, Laurie Strode is ready for him.

Say goodbye to the Michael Myers you thought you knew because he no longer exists. With the news of Blumhouse rebooting the beloved Halloween franchise also came the surprise that all sequels to the original 1978 film will be ignored. David Gordon Green and Danny McBride set out to make a direct sequel to the original reuniting Michael Myers and Laurie Strode forty years after the night they first met.

With that the excitement once Jamie Lee Curtis announced her plans to reprise her role that garnered supreme “scream queen” status. Our favorite final girl is not only back but she is ready. Over the course of four decades, she has been waiting and preparing for Michael’s return. As the sequels are retconned, the story of Michael Myers has a clean slate.

So let’s jump into the top moments from the new Halloween trailer.

A new beginning

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By forgetting the events of all the sequels, we quickly learn that Michael Myers has been safely locked up since he killed on Halloween night of 1978. After being shot by Dr. Loomis that night, he was taken into custody rather than recovering and making his way to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital as seen in Halloween II. These investigators have his infamous mask and when they visit him, they obviously wake something up within him. In true Michael Myers form, he easily breaks free of his institutional restraints and takes a few victims along the way.

Sibling storyline

Throughout the Halloween franchise, viewers learn that Michael and Laurie are siblings but that notion is erased with one line in the trailer. Laurie’s granddaughter is seen walking with friends as they discuss the events surrounding that nights. The granddaughter clarifies that he is not Laurie’s brother and that was a rumor that was made up. With that, it makes Michael’s motives even more interesting. It seems he is purely driven by revenge for that night he was sent away.

Laurie Strode is ready

Laurie reveals that she has prayed every night that Michael Myers would escape so that she could finally kill him. Her character is shown armed and ready to take him down not if he returns, but when he returns. She knows he will make his way back home to Haddonfield. The bus that Michael was being transported in crashes and he escapes so their reunion is fastly approaching. With Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter living in town, she has a lot more to lose this time around. Laurie takes it upon herself to make sure there isn’t a repeat of the events that took place in 1978. But even with Michael Myers in his sixties, he doesn’t seem to have lost his ability to kill.

Photo Credit: Halloween/Compass International Pictures
Photo Credit: Halloween/Compass International Pictures /

The nostalgia

Not only is Curtis back in the role of Laurie but Nick Castle is once again assisting in the portrayal of “The Shape.” With John Carpenter back on board in some capacity with this reboot, there are some key elements that will point back to the original film. If the horrifying Halloween tune doesn’t get to you, the rest of the score will. There are also a few more nods shown in the trailer that pays homage to the original.

The scene after the bus crashes with the patients wondering the street is reminiscent of when Michael Myers previously escaped captivity. Also, the quick peek at someone sitting under a bed sheet will remind fans of Michael’s bed sheet with glasses disguise. The trailer made a point to show Laurie’s scar on her arm from when she first came face to face with him. Clearly, she not only has physicals scars but also emotional scars. This time, Laurie isn’t a young and innocent teenager, she is ready to end this fight.

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Halloween hits theaters October 19, 2018. What are your thoughts on the trailer? Tell us in the comments!