Hereditary: Who is to blame for [spoiler]’s death?

Photo courtesy Allied PR, Hereditary A24
Photo courtesy Allied PR, Hereditary A24 /

Hereditary leaves viewers with many questions. Let’s talk about THAT shocking death and who’s to blame, if anyone.

This weekend is a big one at the movies. A large selection of films is now in theaters. There’s something for everyone! For those who enjoy horror, Hereditary brings the fears you are searching for. It’s a shocking movie that, while it takes its time to deliver the promised terrors, leaves moviegoers with a lot to think about.

Please note: There are HUGE spoilers ahead if you have not seen Hereditary in theaters! Turn away now and watch the movie first.

Photo courtesy Allied PR, Hereditary A24 /

Final spoiler warning! 

If you’ve seen the movie, you probably already know which death I’m referring to. As it turns out, the trailer for Hereditary is a bit misleading. There’s a death in the movie fans were not expecting. And, sure, all the deaths in the movie are shocking (and disturbing), but we’re talking about the most upsetting — Charlie’s death.

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In the movie, Peter (Alex Wolff) wants to go to a party with his friends. He tells his mom, Annie (Toni Collette), he won’t be drinking or smoking, which we know is a lie, but she still insists that he take his sister, Charlie (Milly Shapiro), along. Peter doesn’t want to, but doesn’t fight it. However, Charlie repeats many times that she doesn’t want to go, but her mother makes her so Charlie reluctantly accepts.

While at the party, Peter leaves Charlie to go smoke with some friends. He suggests Charlie eat some chocolate cake while she waits for him, and she does. Neither of them know the cake contains nuts, something the movie quickly brings up in the beginning she’s allergic to.

Peter races to drive his sister to the hospital, understandably going way over the speed limit. Feeling like her throat is closing up, Charlie sticks her head out of the car window to get some air. Peter spots an animal on the road and moves the car violently out of the way. Charlie is decapitated instantly when her head hits an electric pole.

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It’s a moment in the movie that causes a loud gasp in the theater (especially when the detached head in the road is shown).

Who’s at fault?

A few weeks after the accident, we learn Peter never apologized or took responsibility for what happened to Charlie. Annie brings this up during a fight in the middle of dinner. Peter, however, points out that Charlie never wanted to go to the party in the first place, but their mother made her.

Had Annie not suggested it, Charlie would’ve stayed home. But also, had Peter not left his sister alone, she wouldn’t have eaten the cake. How was he supposed to know the cake had nuts, though? As for racing down the road and hitting a pole, he was only trying to rush his sister to a hospital.

This isn’t to say it’s the mom’s fault, either. There’s something obviously wrong with Charlie. Annie only wanted her daughter to go out and socialize, be out with people around Charlie’s age. If you ask me, it was a freak accident. No one is to blame for the horrible tragedy.

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Hereditary is now in theaters.

Whose side are you on? Do you believe Peter is to blame or Annie? Let us know in the comments!