The scariest thing about Hereditary is the soundtrack. Listen to it here!

Hereditary photo courtesy A24 via
Hereditary photo courtesy A24 via /

As disturbing as the scenes in Hereditary are, they wouldn’t have had the same impact without the incredibly spooky soundtrack.

Hereditary, the latest horror movie, has arrived to theaters everywhere. And while the movie takes its time building fear, it finally delivers some very frightening moments and unsettling scenes in its final moments. The film has left us with many questions, most of which we have to make our own theories on in order to get some answers. But none of it would have worked as brilliantly as it did without the spine-chilling tracks throughout the movie.

Please note: Spoilers may be ahead if you have not watched the movie in theaters!

Colin Stetson, who has also worked as a composer for 12 Years a Slave, The Blacklist, and, The First, is who we have to thank for increasing the fears in Hereditary. Despite doing amazing work before the horror movie, this is Stetson’s first feature-length score. And, surprisingly, his first in the horror genre.

Take a listen to it below! 

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Listening to it is frightening on its own, but if you have seen the movie and make the connection to the track by matching the scenes, it’s a whole other experience!

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Speaking with The Fader, Stetson said: “It was such a pleasure to score this and all of the music in Hereditary, sewing every stitch of it tightly to picture, mirroring the gradual progression into uncertainty and madness.”

Madness sure is one way to describe it! Fans everywhere are loving it. What did you think of the film’s score?

Colin Stetson is also known as a regular collaborator for Arcade Fire and Bon Iver. We can’t wait to see what he works on next. Maybe even, perhaps, a sequel to Hereditary? In the meantime, I’m sure horror fans will enjoy the track!

Hereditary is now playing in theaters.