Incredibles 2 review: The wait is over and it was so worth it

Incredibles 2, photo courtesy WD Media File
Incredibles 2, photo courtesy WD Media File /

Just like catching up with a best friend, watching Incredibles 2 feels like no time has passed since our last meeting. And, in a way, it hasn’t, at least for the Parr family.

Fourteen years is a long time, but 14 years waiting for a movie sequel is an eternity. Everyone who watched The Incredibles in 2004 are now either young adults or pushing 30! For the Parr family, however, not much has changed. Incredibles 2 picks up right where the first one left us. The movie opens with Tony Rydinger (Michael Bird) and the nostalgia feels kick in! It suddenly doesn’t feel like it’s been fourteen years.

The Incredibles are working together (more or so) to take down The Underminer. Unavoidably, there’s a lot of destruction, which doesn’t sit well with the government. Don’t forget, no time has passed. The Parr’s are still dealing with the same issue from the first movie — being a superhero is still illegal. And the damage to the buildings and roads won’t exactly help their case. In fact, the family has it worse now. The agency that has always relocated the family is shutting down. The best Rick Dicker (Jonathan Banks) can do is pay for a two-week stay at a hotel while the Parr’s figure out their next step, which includes finding a job.

Incredibles 2
Incredibles 2, photo courtesy WD Media File /

Lucky for them, the answer to their problems quickly arrives. Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) and his sister Evelyn Deavor (Catherine Keener) want to help the world see all the good superheroes do. The way the Deavor siblings put it, is that the world only sees the destruction and the aftermath. They don’t get to see the beginning or understand what could have happened if superheroes had not intervene.

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To fix this, the very wealthy Deavor’s create super suits with body cams. And their best bet is Elastigirl. Why? Simply put, she’s more careful, and, not to diss Bob, but Helen is more clever. Mr. Incredible may stop a threat, but he leaves way too much damage behind. Elastigirl, however, does not.

With Helen (Holly Hunter) off saving the world, Bob (Craig T. Nelson) stays home with the kids. But don’t expect the tired storyline we typically see when parents switch roles. While Bob does struggle with the kids and handling things at home, and Helen does constantly worry about them, the role swap is not the focus of the movie. Incredibles 2 could have easy failed here, but instead it shines.

Bob grows closer to his children, especially Violet (Sarah Vowell). He learns a new math technique in a matter of hours to help his son Dash (Huckleberry Milner), and keeps up (or tries to) with Jack-Jack. Meanwhile, Helen has her own troubles to keep up with. As stated earlier, she’s clever, so this new villain, known only as Screenslaver, won’t outsmart Elastigirl. Or, at least, not for long.

But as much as Bob shines as a parent and Helen as a hero, no one outshines the star of the show, Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile)! The mini super is as adorable as he is dangerous. His superpowers are many. In one scene, Bob tells Helen there are 17 powers Jack-Jack possesses, so far!

Incredibles 2
Incredibles 2, photo courtesy WD Media File /

Love and family are the themes, much like the first movie, and Brad Bird carries it out perfectly. It’s easy to see now why this movie took over a decade to arrive. Bird didn’t want to put anything out there but his best work, and we thank him for it! It was a smart move to give Helen such a strong role. Then again, this choice was effortless. Helen has always been tough. Remember her famous line from the first movie (which you’ll catch again in Incredibles 2)?

Incredibles 2
Incredibles 2, photo courtesy WD Media File /

“I’m right up there with the big dogs! Girls, come on! Leave the saving the world to the men?! I don’t think so!”

Helen has always been amazing and she’s even more so in this one!

Incredibles is a delight and joy to finally watch! It’s funny, touching, and entertaining for the whole family, but especially for those who have waiting 14 long years.

Incredibles 2 is in theaters this Friday, June 15. Be sure to watch it in a packed theater with fellow fans. 

The movie is so great, I’m afraid to ask for another sequel! The Incredibles are so perfect, I don’t want to see them fail like many other franchises have. I fully trust Bird, though, if a third chapter follows, it’s because it’ll be special. Although, if there is a third, I hope the wait isn’t another 14 years.