Will there be a third Incredibles movie?

Incredibles 2, photo courtesy WD Media File
Incredibles 2, photo courtesy WD Media File /

Will another Incredibles movie take over a decade to arrive? Will there even be a sequel? Here’s what we know…

Waiting fourteen years for anything is a long time, but on a movie sequel? Let’s just say it feels like an eternity since we watched 2004’s The Incredibles for the first time. The wait is finally over, though, and it was so worth it! Incredibles 2 is amazing! The movie is so fun and exciting for the whole family, but especially for those of us who have been waiting for it. And much like catching up with a best friend who we haven’t seen in a long while, watching Incredibles 2 feels like no time has passed since the original.

Still, this doesn’t mean we want to wait another decade for Incredibles 3, IF there’s even one in the making. Light spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the movie in theaters!

Fans are beyond thankful Incredibles 2 is incredible and not a fail like many sequels usually are. But part of what makes this movie so fun is how long it took to make. Writer and director Brad Bird didn’t want to put anything out there but his best work. There wasn’t going to be a sequel unless the story made sense and stayed true to the original.

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As far as a possible story goes for a third one, there’s a lot to explore. Final spoiler warning! Superheroes are now legal. With the Parr family now allowed to save the day, imagine the possibilities! Not to mention, we’re all curious about Jack-Jack’s abilities. Incredibles 2 sees the mini super go up against a raccoon, but we’d love to see him take down an unsuspecting villain.

However, if Bird doesn’t believe a third movie should follow, we need to trust him. Many franchises have been ruined by a mediocre sequel, we really don’t want the Incredibles to join that group. But if Bird does have something in mind, let’s just hope it’s not another 14 years before we see it!

Incredibles 2 is now in theaters. 

What do you think? Would you love to see a third one?