Lucifer season 4 on Netflix: What Lucifans should expect


Lucifans are rejoicing now that it has been official. Lucifer is returning for a season 4, now on Netflix.

In May, right after Fox canceled Lucifer, co-showrunner and writer Joe Henderson spoke on the podcast Word Balloon to discuss what the plans for Lucifer season 4 would be. What should Lucifans expect now that Netflix has saved Lucifer? Which lead will definitely not be returning?

Perhaps we need to start with how season 3 ended. According to Henderson, Morningstar found a mirror in Pierce/Caine and Caine realized it at the very end.

Henderson also explained that the final scene where Chloe sees Lucifer’s devil face was purposely shown at a far away angle to make it clear that she really sees his face. There is no turning back. This particular angle was used so the writers could not be tempted to write out of this scenario.

How does Chloe Decker react now that she knows?

In season 4, Henderson explained that Chloe now must face the truth that her roommate is a demon and that Morningstar really is the devil. She has a sense of responsibility as a mother. Can she really have a demon living with her little girl? What does she think of him now?

Lucifans may already have an indication what Chloe thinks of Lucifer. In the recently aired standalone bonus episode “Boo Normal,” which was originally filmed for season 4, Decker and Ella discuss Ella’s “ghost.” Chloe seems quite resolved about the idea of other-earthly beings, as she clearly believes Ella’s story about her childhood friend. Does this mean that she has accepted that he is the devil?

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Who is not returning for Lucifer season 4?

Tricia Helfer who plays mom/goddess/Charlotte Richards will not be returning. According to Henderson, they originally only planned to have her character for one season, but they so enjoyed working with her that they brought her back for a second season. Henderson explained that this story arc is done.

Detective Dan blames Lucifer

The co-showrunner explained that Dan blames Lucifer because Charlotte Richards is dead. That animosity could certainly affect the Lux owner”s life.

What about Lucifer and the rest of the cast?

Joe Henderson was not forthcoming about what would happen to Lucifer, except we can all assume that he will be working on his relationship with Chloe.

He did not answer anything about Maze, Amenadiel nor Dr. Linda. He did indicate that Ella is going to continue questioning her religious beliefs.

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As of now, the belief is that Lucifer season 4 will encompass 10 episodes. When it will start, if they will drop the whole season or if they will air weekly episodes and if this will be the final season all has yet to be revealed.

When Henderson spoke to Word Bubble in early May, this was just days after the Fox cancelation. As this was a time that he was clearly unsure whether the show would continue, his vision for the characters could now dramatically change based on these factors.

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He had told podcast host John Siuntres that he had hoped for six seasons with Chloe not knowing for three seasons, and then Chloe knowing the final three seasons. He figured that the final episode of season 3 was the halfway point of the story he wanted to tell.

What do you think will be the season 4 storyline? Please share your opinions and predictions below.