Big Brother 20 cast revealed, BB20 theme hinted at on social media

What time is Big Brother on tonight, who is going home? (Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS)
What time is Big Brother on tonight, who is going home? (Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 begins on June 27 and it was finally time for CBS to reveal the BB20 cast. Now fans can start really debating about who they think might win the summer 2018 season.

The Big Brother 20 cast reveal came out on the CBS website for the show Monday morning (June 18). On the CBS All Access application a bit later, interviews for 16 new houseguests will finally be made available for the live feed subscribers. As was previously reported by Inside the BB House, though, that BB20 cast list was already leaked by former houseguest Evil Dick Donato.

Big Brother 20 cast: The women

Angela Rummans (26) – a model from California.

Angie ‘Rockstar’ Landby (34) –  a stay-at-home mom from Maryland.

Bayleigh Dayton (25) – a flight attendant from Georgia.

Haleigh Broucher (21) – a college student from Texas.

Kaitlyn Herman (24) – a life coach from California

Kaycee Clark (30) – a pro football athlete from Arizona.

Rachel Swindler (29) – a Las Vegas entertainer.

Sam Bledsoe (27) – a welder from Virginia.

Big Brother 20 cast: The men

Brett Robinson (25) – a cybersecurity engineer from Massachusetts.

Chris ‘Swaggy C’ Williams (23) – a day trader from Connecticut.

Faysal Shafaat (26) – a substitute teacher from Florida.

JC Mounduix (28) – a professional dancer from Hollywood.

Scottie Salton (26) – a shipping manager from Illinois.

Steve Arienta (40) – a former cop from New Jersey.

Tyler Crispen (23) – a lifeguard from South Carolina.

Winston Hines (28) – a medical sales rep from Kentucky.

Social media twist for BB20 cast

A new video from CBS is also gaining a lot of attention on social media. In the video seen below, host Julie Chen announces a new social media twist for the BB20 cast. It is a very familiar system to viewers who tuned in for Big Brother: Over the Top online. As a result, the voting system will definitely spur conversations. It will certainly allow fans to get more involved in how the summer 2018 season plays out as well.

The Big Brother 20 schedule

The Big Brother 20 season premiere is next week, giving fans roughly 10 days to get to know the BB20 cast. Following the June 27 season premiere on CBS, the second episode takes place the next night on June 28. Hence, the Big Brother 20 schedule will become a familiar one for viewers. After that, the new Big Brother recap show will debut on Facebook. Called Off the Block with Ross and Marissa, it will serve as an interview show involving recently evicted houseguests.

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The Big Brother 20 cast is ready to go. In a few days, they will enter the BB20 house, with the production team turning on the cameras to begin taping early footage. Last season, the live feed cameras were turned on a few times in order to increase the interest level of the fans. It’s possible that they do it again later this month. If not, it’s simply a countdown to the Big Brother 20 season premiere on June 27 now.