Big Brother 20 spoilers: Evel Dick claims to leak BB20 cast list

Big Brother 20 begins this summer on CBS. With the season premiere on June 27, it’s time for the BB20 cast to get announced. But did former houseguest Evel Dick beat CBS to the punch?

Big Brother 20 spoilers may have just hit the internet. CBS had planned to release the BB20 cast list on Monday morning (June 18), but former houseguest Evel Dick claims he just did it. In a series of posts on his Twitter account, Dick Donato stirred up a hornet’s nest of debate on social media. Does he really have all the BB20 cast names?

Evel Dick presents Big Brother 20 spoilers

At 8:54 p.m. PT on Sunday night (June 17), Evel Dick Donato posted that the BB20 cast had just been leaked to him. He then started posting the names of those people, while simultaneously posting his thoughts on each prospective new houseguest. He also put together a collage of their photos, seen in the image from his Twitter feed below.

So, did Evel Dick really leak the BB20 cast list? He has stated several times that Twitter users should trust him. He also spent most of the night discussing the 16 new houseguests, weighing in with opinions on each one. It seems like this would be a lot of effort to waste on a fake cast list. The problem, though, is that fake cast lists have been leaked before. At the same time, Evel Dick often gets in trouble with people for being too honest.

The BB20 cast names

After Dick Donato had revealed all of his purported BB20 cast names, another Twitter user added the names to his photos in a new collage seen below. It’s important, again, to state that these potential Big Brother 20 spoilers have not yet been confirmed by CBS. But here is a look at the newest BB20 cast leak.

If all this information is true, there are eight men and eight women playing in the summer 2018 season. On Monday morning (June 18), CBS will release BB20 cast interviews on the live feeds. This will serve as a confirmation of sorts, with subscribers getting an opportunity to learn more about each person.

The Big Brother 20 season premiere is on June 27. Until then, fans will debate the look of the new cast, whether the leaked cast list from Evel Dick turns out to be correct or not.