Big Brother rolls out new show called Off the Block with Ross and Marissa

Big Brother alums Ross Mathews and Marissa Jaret Winokur are back. The two Celebrity Big Brother contestants will host Off the Block with Ross and Marissa this summer.

Big Brother 20 has a companion show ready to roll for summer 2018. Late Sunday (June 17), host Julie Chen posted an important video to her Twitter account. As seen in the video below, the network is presenting a BB20 recap show. Not only will it stir additional interest, but it will help fans catch up if they miss episodes.

Big Brother spins off

Ross Mathews and Marissa Jaret Winokur, who finished first and second place on Celebrity Big Brother this past summer, will serve as co-hosts of this new show. Called Off the Block with Ross and Marissa, it will air each Friday on Facebook Watch.

The season premiere of Off the Block with Ross and Marissa is on June 29. As revealed in the summer 2018 schedule, that’s two days after the CBS season premiere. Each evicted houseguest will go from the BB20 house over to the Facebook show, rather than going straight home. As a result, it can serve as a continuation of the post-eviction chat they typically have with Julie Chen.

BB20 cast reveal

As previously reported by Inside the BB House, the BB20 cast interviews go live on Monday (June 18). First of all, this sets the stage for the season, but it also finally gives viewers some specific details. Live feed subscribers will have immediate access to all the information, while also creating a lot of positive buzz on social media.

There have been some recent Big Brother 20 rumors, consequently causing some negative comments from viewers and past houseguests. Those unconfirmed rumors suggested that some returning houseguests could join the BB20 cast. Answers to those rumors, who is in the summer 2018 cast, and what twists and turns are coming should start getting revealed very soon.

This news about Off the Block with Ross and Marissa, though, has certainly received positive feedback on social media thus far.