Ancient Aliens: The U.S. government UFO conspiracy is undeniable

Ancient Aliens: The U.S. government UFO conspiracy is undeniable, and there appears to be a significant amount of cover-up.

Ancient Aliens has always been about uncovering the idea that aliens are out there. The aliens have visited Earth. Additionally, the government doesn’t want the general population to know.

On this episode of Ancient Aliens, the arrow is pointed directly at the U.S. government. Despite ample evidence suggesting multiple variations of evasion and concealment, there appears to be a growing support for the idea that extends beyond pot shots in films like Independence Day.

Is there a UFO conspiracy?

The New York Times had a story in 2017 titled, “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program,” which covered Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), a semi-secret organization run by a former Pentagon official named Luis Elizondo. Initially, this program was initiated by Senator Harry Reid, and funded by $22M in black-money budget. It’s theorized that Reid was convinced to pursue this course by a close colleague named Robert Bigelow.

With financial support locked in for AATIP, Elizondo was now responsible for investigating UFO reports. Conveniently enough, Elizondo left the government just a few short months before the story was released. He has yet to commit suicide via gunshot to the back of the head, but it wouldn’t be surprising. Nonetheless, the AATIP program ended funding in 2012, even though most believe the program simply exists with a different acronym.

Along with Tom DeLonge, best known for Blink 182, there have been multiple videos that help support the “U.S. government is withholding UFO information”-claim.

The first video is commonly called the Gimbal video

Despite being ridiculed by commenters and skeptics, and the narrative that sounds like a Keanu Reeves scene from Point Break left on the editing room floor, the video is fairly compelling. The fact that an F/A-18 can’t catch up to it, and the pilots of such amazing aircraft are amazed by the UFO’s movements, speaks volumes.

A second video shows the impossible

According to the PhD in astrophysics on Ancient Aliens, the video is staggering for two reasons. One, the F/A-18 flying after the UFO can’t even get remotely close, indicating an astronomical speed. Secondly, the sudden move to the left would have such G-Force that it would turn a human into “tapioca pudding.”

Go fast!

The third video is not overly convincing to those without tinfoil hats, but it does appear to be very fast. Furthermore, it’s incredibly exciting to F/A-18 pilots, who happen to fly one of the fastest aircraft known to mankind. If it shocks and befuddles them, then there is some merit to the UFO connection.


According to Elizondo, there are special metal objects being examined and researched at secret facilities within Bigelow Aerospace (aha! The link is established!). John Podesta (the former White House Chief of Staff!) says some of the polymers have been categorized as not from this planet and may have come from UFO crash sites. Several other experts weigh in, and view this as the missing link to the formerly ridiculed studies. Of course, they could just be perfecting the current Japanese fad of making giant, shiny balls out of tin foil.

More to Bigelow

Aside from being the purported inspiration for AATIP, and having private industry control of some secretive metal, he’s also a major advocate for not only space exploration but also the existence of extra-terrestrials on the planet.

The Battle of Los Angeles is a starting point

Shortly after Pearl Harbor, there were UFOs over the Los Angeles sky. Over 1000 rounds of anti-aircraft rounds were fired at the objects. The U.S. military later ignored the encounter as weather balloons. This, of course, reminds many of the Roswell incident, where the press called it a flying saucer, but later retracted to yet another balloon.

This precipitated a Top Secret program called “Sign.” Much like the previous suppression, however, this program was shut down quickly and unceremoniously without significant reasoning.

All of this led to Project Blue Book, a Top Secret Air Force agency aimed at tracking UFO sightings. The weather balloon nonsense had seemingly stopped. Despite substantial data (over 12,000 sightings), and the ultimate result being a panel with significant information, this program was eventually shut down because of insufficient impact or evidence. Furthermore, Laurance Rockefeller funded the Rockefeller Initiative to investigate alien interaction. Indeed, the final report ultimately ended up with then-President Bill Clinton. The report, like all others, was dismissed.

It doesn’t take an Ancient Aliens conspiracy theorist to realize a pattern here. Everything about UFO encounters eventually gets shut down without much reasoning. The reasoning behind all of the cover-up is linked to the Majestic 12, which was broken down on a previous episode of Ancient Aliens, the secret Area 51 base, and millions of declassified documents. Put it all together and the picture is fairly compelling.

So what does it all mean?

One of the troubling factors of all these theories is video quality. Even though we have all this unreal technology, and we grow closer to Judgement Day every ticking minute, the recording of UFOs always appears to be captured via 1985 VHS technology. Gigapixel can produce stunning videos that show amazing quality, but these videos show nearly nothing but dots. Additionally, if the government is covering everything up, it’s going to be difficult to prove because of the systematic cover-up.

However, there are a few pieces of compelling evidence. First, a rather comprehensive report by Major Donald Keyhoe in 1950 made it clear that an experienced aviator believed. Moreover, several astronauts have reported seeing UFOs. Astronauts Gordon Cooper, James McDivitt, Ron Evans, Edgar Mitchell, and Buzz Aldrin have reported seeing UFOs. Even John Glenn famously revealed his story on Frasier, even if some believe it was tongue in cheek.

What’s your take? Do you believe aliens have visited Earth? Are they here now? Ancient Aliens makes a compelling case in this episode. As famously stated on Contact, “it would be an awful waste of space” if there weren’t aliens.

Do you believe the U.S. government is keeping aliens secret from the general population? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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