Big Brother 20 spoilers: First HOH winner revealed, BB20 cast active

The Big Brother 20 season has already begun. Even though the first episode doesn’t air on CBS until June 27, the houseguests are deep into the competition.

Big Brother 20 spoilers have already leaked. The first HOH winner has been revealed, suggesting the BB20 cast is already deep into the first week of playing. As previously reported by Inside the BB House, the 16 houseguests have already entered the game. Now, a Twitter user has shared some important information about the first Head of Household.

Who is the first Head of Household?

According to @realvegas4sure on Twitter, Tyler Crispen is the first BB20 HOH. As this is unconfirmed information getting posted on social media, there is always a chance that it is fake. This particular user has provided Big Brother spoilers in the past, though, including Megan leaving Big Brother 19 early. As such, many people trust what this person is posting about the BB20 cast.

More Big Brother 20 spoilers

In addition to what they posted about Tyler winning the first Head of Household Competition, there are a few additional tidbits in place, as of early Saturday afternoon (June 23). It includes that no veterans have entered the BB20 house. Further Big Brother 20 spoilers state that they have not done Week 1 nominations yet. At the time of the posting, nobody had been evicted from the game either.

There was some bad news posted both on this person’s Reddit and Twitter accounts. They have apparently been bullied a lot for providing fans with information about the show. That might mean that this is the last time that this particular user gives out Big Brother 20 spoilers this summer. That would certainly make the season premiere more exciting for a lot of fans. At the same time, a lot of social media users love getting cast and show information before CBS reveals it.

The 2018 Big Brother schedule gets started on June 27 and includes two companion shows this season. It’s going to be a busy first week for fans, but the CBS live feeds should help out once they finally get turned on. Until then, the possibility exists for more Big Brother 20 spoilers to come out soon. That could include who Tyler Crispen nominates for eviction.