Big Brother fans getting frustrated by information void from CBS

Social media has new potential Big Brother 20 spoilers, including the Week 1 nominations for eviction. But is any of that information correct? Or has the information void led to the fake news?

Big Brother fans typically have more information to go on by this point. Last season, the production team even allowed several sneak peeks of the CBS live feeds. This allowed fans to at least glimpse the BB19 house and see what was going on. While it did provide some additional suspense, it also confirmed some of the Big Brother rumors that had been floating around.

Earlier this weekend, a number of Big Brother 20 spoilers leaked on to social media. This unconfirmed information includes who won the first Head of Household Competition. It’s a big deal because that houseguest would then assume the first power position of the summer. Following that, on Sunday (June 24), the names of who got nominated appear to have surfaced. But is this new information a red herring?

Should CBS reward Big Brother fans?

From a business standpoint, all of these Big Brother rumors and potential spoilers are good for business. The people behind the reality competition show know that when social media hits a fever pitch, then the buzz gets quite loud. If there is very little information leaked to social media, then it could lead to more eyes watching the season premiere on CBS. That a good thing for producers, the network, and for companies advertising during the program.

A counterargument is that with this being a 20th anniversary season, maybe the show should reward the loyal Big Brother fans. What exatly would that entail? What would make fans happy at this point? Would knowing who the HOH was, who they nominated, and who has already been evicted lead to long-term happiness? Or just short-term bliss at learning those Big Brother spoilers early?

The Big Brother 20 schedule

The season premiere of Big Brother 20 airs on June 27, when the schedule really gets started for the show. There are two companion shows this summer, and as a result, Big Brother fans are going to get their fill of information. Therefore, it may be as easy as having some patience until the full Big Brother 20 schedule gets rolling.

That’s not always easy, as this is a fan base that loves getting information via the CBS live feeds.

A long summer of BB20 episodes

As previously reported by Inside the BB House, the summer 2018 season is 99 days long. This means it is going to be a long summer of information coming out for Big Brother fans. Consequently, there could be an information overload at some point, especially with the addition of Off the Block with Ross and Marissa.

There are still three days until the Season 20 premiere, so CBS does have time to fill the information void. Will Big Brother fans be happy if they do? Or should we all be content to wait and be surprised with the season premiere?