Julie Chen revealed some of her favorite Big Brother moments and they really are iconic

After 20 seasons of Big Brother, it makes sense that there are some moments that stick with the viewers. For Julie Chen, there are plenty she calls her favorites as well.

Viewers are gearing up for season 20 of Big Brother, and over the years there have been plenty of moments that can be considered iconic or even game-changing. As the host of the reality series since the very beginning, it makes sense that Julie Chen would have some moments that she considers to be her favorites.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, prior to the premiere of the newest season of Big Brother, Chen revealed 20 of her favorite moments over the years, and some truly are iconic. Among the moments that Julie Chen chose as her favorites, are some that are also the biggest in the history of the series.

Julie Chen’s favorite moments are also some of Big Brother’s best

One of the host’s favorite moments is also perhaps the biggest moment in the history of the reality series. That would be the premiere in July 2000. While she was excited to see what would happen after seeing how well Big Brother did in other countries, Chen admits that she could never have imagined making it to the 20th season. Big Brother‘s success reminds her that sometimes you have to “expect the unexpected.”

Julie Chen also pointed out the alliance of Mike Boogie and Dr. Will as being one of her favorite moments from the second season. This was the start of naming alliances. Since the two men named themselves Chill Town in Season 2, the houseguests of Big Brother have gone on to form alliances with a variety of names, including Quack Pack and the Hitmen.

Another favorite moment for Chen was Season 4’s houseguest twist. This twist saw some of the houseguests having to deal with their exes joining the game and competing for the $500,000 prize. This might be a favorite memory of Julie Chen’s. But I bet for some of those houseguests, that was the last thing they wanted to deal with locked in a house all summer.

Infamous Big Brother speeches

Dr. Will’s Season 7 speech during a Veto Meeting, in which he told everyone he hated them all and would throw all the competitions if he didn’t get sent home, also made Julie Chen’s all-time favorite’s list. While his speech might have backfired for the rest of the cast, Dr. Will ultimately made it to the final four that season. The speech itself remains one of the most infamous moments of the series.

Season 10’s unanimous vote win is unsurprisingly one of Chen’s favorite moments in the series as well. Dan Gheesling is a permanent part of Big Brother history because not only was he the first ever winner to receive a unanimous decision. While Julie Chen may have chosen a different winner last year, when asked about who she would choose as the best winner of the series, Dan Gheesling’s victory itself is still a favorite moment for her.

Zingbot is the gift that keeps on giving and a wedding proposal surprise

The arrival of Zingbot in Season 12 made the list as well. The sarcastic robot with a gift for zinging the houseguests has become legendary in the Big Brother world. Zingbot has become a highlight of each season since his debut. Some of his one-liners have become just as iconic as the robot himself.

Jeff’s proposal to Jordan may not have been part of gameplay, but it was certainly an iconic moment in Big Brother history. This relationship began as a showmance that was able to survive in the real world. While their showmance may not be the only one to last past filming, seeing Jeff get down on his knee and ask Jordan to marry him in the backyard of the Big Brother house is definitely a moment not soon forgotten. It’s a reminder of how many Big Brother 19 showmances there were during the summer 2017 season.

While these may not be all of Julie Chen’s favorite moments, they certainly represent some of the biggest and most iconic Big Brother moments from the last 20 seasons. As Season 20 gets ready to debut on CBS, viewers will have even more iconic moments to look forward to as the series continues to switch things up and keep the houseguests (and the audience) on their toes.