Why I enjoyed Bela Talbot’s character in Supernatural Season 3

When it comes to rewatching Supernatural Season 3, it means dealing with Bela Talbot’s character. She’s hated by many, but I actually loved her and her development (and wished we could have had more).

Bela Talbot was introduced in Supernatural Season 3, Episode 3. Instantly becoming an adversary for the Winchester brothers, many fans grew an instant dislike to her. However, it was clear that she was hiding something; something that made her into the person that she was. Because of that, I found myself drawn to this character with a need to know more.

She wasn’t the one-dimensional character that many view her as. There were layers hidden within her, making her intriguing and exciting. Stuck in a situation that she didn’t really want to be in, she made the most of it–knowing that she was going to Hell anyway, what did it matter if she made other people unhappy and only lived her life for herself? It’s something that many others would do, even if we wouldn’t like to admit it.

She was only 14 when she made her deal

Think back to when you were 14. That’s how old Bela was when she made her deal with a crossroad demon. This deal wasn’t something that we’d actually hate her for: she wanted her abusive father killed. Supernatural Season 3 left that story until the end to come out, which certainly didn’t help. Had it come out sooner and seen more development, there would have likely been more sympathy for this character.

Needless to say, this lack of development was simply due to circumstances. The writer’s strike in 2008 went on longer than many expected and the usual 22 episode season had to be reduced to 16. It’s not surprising that storylines had to be cut and Bela’s was one of them.

It is a shame that the writers didn’t choose to extend Bela’s storyline into the fourth season. We could have all certainly benefitted from this.

Supernatural Bela Talbot

SUPERNATURAL — “Bad Day at Black Rock” — Photo by: Marcel Williams/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR

She was a product of her circumstance

Nothing mattered to Bela Talbot. Knowing that she was going to Hell at the age of 24, she chose not to make any connections. Everything she did was for her own good and there’s a level of sadness in that. She didn’t want to leave someone behind who cared for her or who would mourn her. It was a lonely life with just a cat around for company.

There was certainly a wall up to protect herself. At no point did she want to find that she was getting attached to someone. That would make leaving them hard.

In the end, it was clear that she wanted out of her deal. Her actions against the Winchesters were all to get out of this deal she regretted making as a young and influenced teen. It was all about self-preservation and you can’t really blame her for that. I certainly don’t!

Did you find Bela Talbot in Supernatural Season 3 intriguing? What was it about her that you loved and hated? Share in the comments below.

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