Supernatural Season 3, Episode 3: Sam loses his shoe

SUPERNATURAL -- "Bad Day at Black Rock" -- Photo by: Marcel Williams/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
SUPERNATURAL -- "Bad Day at Black Rock" -- Photo by: Marcel Williams/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

It’s the episode we all love to watch over and over again. Supernatural Season 3, Episode 3 gives us Bela’s introduction, a deathly rabbit’s foot, and Sam losing a shoe.

Supernatural Season 3, Episode 3 remains one of my all-time favorite episodes of the series. It’s the one that I cracked up with laughter throughout, with so many memorable lines because of this. Whether it’s Dean playing Batman, Sam losing his shoe, or meeting Bela for the first time, there’s something for everyone throughout.

“Bad Day at Black Rocks” starts with the Winchesters learning a little more about their dad and ends with an ad-libbed moment that Jared Padalecki almost messed up!

Sam and Dean discuss Ruby

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Let’s start with the fact that Supernatural Season 3, Episode 3 gave us honesty between the brothers. Rather than hide who this Ruby demon was, Sam decided to tell his brother about her and everything she knows. Of course, Dean is angry that Sam never killed this demon, but Sam wants to use her for information and to get Dean out of his crossroads deal.

Before the conversation can continue, there’s a phone call. However, it’s none of the Winchester brothers’ phones. It’s one of John’s old phones, one that Dean keeps charged up just in case. The phone call alerts them to John’s secret lock-up (what’s the betting there’s more than one) and the Winchesters head off to find out what’s been taken.

When there, they find out the lock-up is full of memorabilia from the Winchesters’ youth. John kept a lot of items, including sports trophies and first saw-offs, making it clear that he loved them in his own way. What they also find is a selection of curse boxes and one of them is missing. It doesn’t take long for the Winchesters to find the thieves through the CCTV footage.

SUPERNATURAL — “Bad Day at Black Rock” — Photo by: Marcel Williams/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
SUPERNATURAL — “Bad Day at Black Rock” — Photo by: Marcel Williams/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

Gordon comes back into play

During the episode, we learn that Gordon Walker is back. Well, sort of. He’s in prison and out for revenge, so tells a hunter, Kubrick, that Sam isn’t human and must be killed. Kubrick has done his research and found out that Sam had tried to prevent the Devil’s Gate from opening, but Gordon is persuasive.

This sets a side story up for Kubrick to go in the search for Sam to kill him. Of course, when Sam loses the lucky rabbit’s foot, Sam’s luck turns sour making it possible that Kubrick will, in fact, kill the younger Winchester.

Sam and Dean get the rabbit’s foot back

The thieves’ luck is turned good after one of them touched the rabbit’s foot. The neighbor is a former Army medic who is able to patch up the wound sustained during the break-in (thanks to John’s wards and traps). However, when Dean and Sam turn up and Sam gets the rabbit’s foot, the thieves’ luck turns sour and the one who touched the foot dies in a circumstantial accident.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sam call Bobby to learn all about the rabbit’s foot. When Bobby learns that Sam has touched it, he researches how to destroy the curse. Of course, keeping hold of the foot is easier said than done, as Bela Talbot steals the foot from Sam. Bobby makes it clear that Bela knows about the supernatural world but has no intention of helping. She acquires mystical artifacts for profit and will sell this rabbit’s foot on.

SUPERNATURAL — “Bad Day at Black Rock” — Photo by: Marcel Williams/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
SUPERNATURAL — “Bad Day at Black Rock” — Photo by: Marcel Williams/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

With the rabbit foot gone, Sam’s luck turns sour. It starts with spilling coffee over him and losing his shoe down a drain, to the threat of death. Dean decides to leave Sam in a motel–and he’s not allowed to leave the chair–while Dean drives to New York to get the rabbit’s foot back. Knowing that Bobby will find a cure, Dean decides to touch the rabbit’s foot, so his luck is improved. He’s able to save his brother from Kubrick, who turns up at the motel, with an “I’m Batman” line and then scratches off a few scratch cards to win money.

As they’re about to destroy the foot, Bela arrives and threatens to kill Sam–she can’t miss him with his luck sour. Dean distracts her and throws her the foot, which she catches and instantly becomes cursed. Rather than risk losing the foot, she gives it back for it to be destroyed. However, she does steal the scratch cards–and that’s where the ad-lib moment comes in. As Bela drives off and Dean realizes the scratch cards are gone, he shouts the unscripted, “son of a bitch,” causing Jared Padalecki to laugh.

Back in the prison, Kubrick shares that he realizes he was on a mission from God to kill Sam. Gordon clearly doesn’t believe God sent Kubrick, but plays with that belief to plot his escape from prison.

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