Reddit celebrates Big Brother 20: Best comments from the fans

Reddit is ready for Big Brother 20, and the social media platform is celebrating BB as only Reddit can: Check out our favorite comments!

Oh, Reddit: You never disappoint, especially when it comes to popular TV shows such as Big Brother 20. With the season finally here, Reddit is celebrating, and we’ve got our favorite comments in the house below (see what we did there).

Reddit cheers for Julie Chen

A thread titled “Julie Can’t Let The Show Go” celebrated Julie Chen‘s Big Brother hosting skills. A quote from Chen was shared where she said that she can see herself hosting the show for five years or even 20 years from now. Reddit users made it clear that they’re on Team Julie all the way.

“I will be so mad if they give her job to drew carry [sic],” wrote one Reddit user about the possibility that the network at some point might want to freshen up Big Brothers with a different host.

“Looking forward to see Julie with grey hair and a cane hosting BB50,” joked another user. This sparked a thread with references to Chen’s “bot” nickname. One user said, “Nah Chenbot will probably look even younger in BB50.”

Is it a ‘bad thing’ to win the first HOH?

Reddit users also got involved in a heated debate. It was over the fan theory that it’s a “bad” move to win the first BB HOH (Big Brother Head of Household). One Reddit user argued that history shows winning the first HOH isn’t necessarily negative. They pointed out that almost all the first HOHs in the past 10 years have at least made jury, most have gone deep in the game and three have won.” The information below is also from that same quote.

  • BB19 – Cody, left second, came back, and the first person to the jury.
  • BB18 – Nicole, won.
  • BB17 – James, seventh place. / Dethroned HOH – Jason, fifth boot.
  • BB16 – Caleb, fourth place. / Dethroned HOH – Frankie, fifth place.
  • BB15 – McCrae, fourth place.
  • BB14 – Willie, expelled.
  • BB13 – Rachel, won.
  • BB12 – Hayden, won.
  • BB11 – Jesse, got removed from game, 10th place, and the first person in the jury.
  • BB10 – Jerry, third place.
  • BB8 – Kail, 10th place.

Others agreed that the legendary first HOH “curse” seems to be exaggerated. One Reddit user summed it up by saying that winning that first HOH is a “curse” only if the winner “does something incredibly stupid.” What do you think? Do you believe in the first HOH curse? Will it doom someone in Big Brother 20? Weigh in with a comment below.

What we know for sure: We hope that Reddit is right and that both Big Brother and Julie Chen will be around for 50 seasons or more! Stay tuned fans. The Big Brother 20 schedule gets started on June 27. Some BB20 spoilers already might include the name of the first Head of Household. Tune in on Wednesday to find out for sure.