Big Brother Season 20 spoilers: Trending advantage winner revealed

Big Brother spoilers: Live feed updates from the BB20 house. (BB20 Cast Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother spoilers: Live feed updates from the BB20 house. (BB20 Cast Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother Season 20 spoilers keep coming out on social media. Now, fans of the show will know which BB20 cast member has the secret trending power.

These Big Brother Season 20 spoilers come from a Twitter and Reddit user named vegasforsure. This was a source of information who revealed that Tyler Crispen would become the first Head of Household. Later, they leaked that Sam Bledsoe and Steve Arienta would be Tyler’s Week 1 nominations. All of that information turned out to be correct. Now, it seems that vegasforsure knows who won the trending reward.

Who has the secret power?

Samantha Bledsoe, otherwise known as Sambot, reportedly has the secret advantage. According to a new Twitter post, Sam can save herself, and she can do it in any of the first four weeks. Taking herself off the block could be a backup plan if Sam can find a way to win the Power of Veto. The Week 1 Veto results will be here, for fans who want to check out the article on Inside the BB House. The Veto Competition is Friday night (June 29).

Big Brother Season 20 spoilers – Trending power rules

Once a houseguest is assigned one of the trending rewards or punishments, they cannot win it a second time during the summer 2018 season. On the opposite side of Sam Bledsoe’s reward was Faysal Shaffat getting a punishment. He was deemed to be the houseguest trending the least, leading to a package from Hamazon coming to the BB20 house for him.

The punishment forced Faysal to eat quite a bit of vegetarian ham, leading to a lot of time spent in the bathroom. Consequently, Faysal cannot win an advantage now. As for Sam, she may need to use her advantage right away. Especially if she doesn’t win the Power of Veto.

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The next episode for Big Brother Season 20 is on Sunday (July 1), when Veto results should get shared with the CBS audience. It is likely that the results of the online trending challenge are also revealed. Fans needing a summary of what has taken place can check out this article on all the Big Brother 20 information so far this summer.