Ancient Aliens: Da Vinci’s Forbidden Codes link him to aliens

Ancient Aliens, Photo by Mason Poole/HISTORY
Ancient Aliens, Photo by Mason Poole/HISTORY /

Ancient Aliens: Da Vinci’s Forbidden Codes links the famous artist to extraterrestrials, through secretive codes in several of his paintings.

Sometimes Ancient Aliens makes a compelling case. Other times the case is not as iron clad. This is one of those in between cases. It takes a bit of faith and confidence in the overall plot to see the entire picture.

Some ancient astronaut theorists may not know all the details to this particular theory. It’s up to viewer discretion to determine if Leonardo da Vinci is linked to aliens. What’s the saying? “I want to believe.”

Dan Brown missed everything.

Eat your heart out Dan Brown. “The Da Vinci Code” may have unveiled some interesting links between religion, cover ups, secret societies, and Renaissance artwork, but it missed everything important. Some researchers claim there are even MORE hidden message found in da Vinci’s work. Furthermore, there is a likely extraterrestrial influence.

It goes without saying that Leonardo da Vinci (LDV) was ahead of his time. The prodigious volume of his ouevre makes it difficult to fully explore in a lifetime. His notebooks and manuscripts remain, however, and contain everything from construction plans for tanks and helicopters to wild inventions that have come into reality centuries later.

His impact is so profound that his “Salvator Mundi” was bought by a Saudi Prince for a new museum in Abu Dhabi for $400 million. During his life, LDV was scrutinized by the Roman Catholic church because of an appearance of wide-ranging philosophical tastes. Consequently, he had to hide information in his paintings to avoid being labeled a heretic.

Leonardo da Vinci disappears.

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Between the years 1476-1478, LDV disappeared from records. His life did not otherwise have gaps in terms of coverage. Just before this time, however, he had an interesting experience. One of the autobiographical anecdotes from his journal tells the story of being drawn to a cave while hiking. He was pulled in by the desire to experience the wonder inside. Some of the ancient astronaut theorists suggest that his experience inside the cave permitted him to see the future, and it is likely related to interaction with aliens.

“Adoration of the Magi”

Using a technique called thermographics, LDV’s “Adoration of the Magi” was analyzed in 2002 in Florence, Italy. An under-drawing was discovered inside the painting of the three wise men visiting the infant Jesus. The analysis, however, showed much more than what is visible to the naked eye.

As it turns out, there were layers of paint, some additions, that were not painted by the original artist. One such detail painted over was of a Pagan temple, would would have been a problem at the time with the prevailing church. In fact, one of the background drawings is a temple with the lotus flower (i.e. the flower of life). Some of the ancient astronaut theorists contend LDV was obsessed with the lotus flower, which may indicate his connection to potential alien contact.

“The Virgin of the Rocks”

A later painting called “The Virgin of the Rocks” may link to his cave experience. The painting depicts figures coming from shadows, as John the Baptist and Jesus are shown as babies. What’s uncommon is there positioning, with Jesus being protected by the archangel Uriel, and John under the Virgin Mary’s watchful eye.

The ancient astronaut theorists suggest the spooky cavern setting is a reference to his personal experience, and the transposition of protective figures indicates Uriel’s status as an alien. Huh?

“The Last Supper”

“The Last Supper” has been explored ad nauseum, but a quick summary is in order. The painting depicts the moment when Jesus told his disciples on would betray him, and they are all frozen in action.

The figure to Jesus’s right is assumed to be Apostle John, but many think it’s Mary Magdalene because of the feminine features. Furthermore, the downward pointing face and angle corresponds with LDV’s belief that women should be depicted in such a manner. Finally, the mirror image clothing and pose, which together form a capital M, indicate Mary Magdalene. So why was she placed in the painting? And where is the chalice commonly known as the Holy Grail?

According to the Ancient Aliens crew, the two items are related, and it all comes down to a representation of Mary Magdalene’s pregnancy, Jesus’s divine children, which eventually leads to LDV somehow.

Hidden music

There may be musical notes in “The Last Supper.” A French musician looked at the horizontal and vertical lines on the painting and noticed a musical pentagram. Little pieces of bread along the table represent musical notes, and the lines of the sheet perfectly align with the hands of the apostles. Finally, the music begins and ends with an E, which allows it to be repeated infinitely.

Ancient Aliens links this “hidden” music to meditation, chanting, and vibration, that connects harmonically to deities, similar to that of some religions. A minor connection is made to NASA’s Voyager missions, and also Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

“Salvator Mundi”

The Abu Dhabi Louvre looks like a flying saucer. It was clearly created to look futuristic, and at night it shines quite the array of lights on the sky. Moreover, the architect has stated he wanted it to look futuristic. So why exactly is it housing LDV’s “Salvator Mundi,” and why did the Saudi Prince pay such an astronomical price (pun intended) for it?

The link isn’t fully fleshed out, but the painting shows Jesus holding a Chintamani Stone, which is a wish-fulfilling jewel from Hinduism and Buddhism. It’s literal translation is “the jewel that grants wishes.” The question is, why is a traditionally Roman Catholic painter displaying something from Buddhism a few centuries earlier? Additionally, the Chintamani stone in the painting has 3 white dots that perfectly align to the stars of the Orion constellation. That links to Ancient Egyptians, Mexicans, etc.

“John the Baptist”

Last but not least, the “John the Baptist” painting shows St. John pointing upward. According to Ancient Aliens, it’s to “another realm.” In addition, if the painting is mirrored, the face of an extra terrestrial appears in the middle. Judge for yourself.

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So what does it all mean? Are the images linked? Did da Vinci include alien links in his paintings? It’s difficult to say, and Ancient Aliens doesn’t paint a perfect picture this episode. Considering he was the illegitimate child of nobleman and a maid, a Game of Thrones quote might be appropriate. You know nothing Leonardo Snow da Vinci.

Do you agree with the Ancient Aliens theory? Was Leonardo da Vinci linked to, and trying to inform us all about aliens? Leave a comment with your thoughts!