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Preacher _ Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television -- Acquired via AMC Press
Preacher _ Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television -- Acquired via AMC Press /

As Tulip is back in the fold, Jesse has to figure out how to leave Angelville. Watch Preacher season 3, episode 2 online with the details here.

Preacher’s third season opener was a dark and gritty affair, following in the same vein as the first two seasons. But the stakes were much higher given that Tulip’s life was on the line.

Now, that we have Tulip back, it’s time to get into the meat of the story. Preacher season 3, episode 2 is entitled “Sonsabitches,” which is directly off of the first episode. Tulip’s father, who she saw in Purgatory, used that term, and God said the same thing to her when she was on her way back to the real world.

Perhaps we won’t have to wait too long to learn who the “sonsabitches” are, but in the meantime, Jesse has bigger problems.


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Having Gran’Ma save Tulip has put Jesse in her debt after he told her he would do anything. Yes, anything. But Gran’Ma and her cronies are downright evil, awful people. The first time we actually get to see Gran’Ma in action, she winds up destroying her own daughter to get her secrets – even after telling her that she loves her very much.

The same words for the love she used for her daughter, Gran’Ma said to Jesse in the closing minutes of Preacher’s season opener. And we know exactly what love means to Gran’Ma.

Jesse knows just how bad he has it in Angelville, so he is going to do everything he can to get away from there.

Here is what AMC has to say about Preacher season 3, episode 2 “Sonsabitches.”

"Desperate to escape Angelville and his family, Jesse attempts to forge an unlikely alliance with a familiar adversary."

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