Big Brother 20 spoilers: Veto Ceremony held by BB20 cast

Big Brother 20: Two houseguests still haven't been on the block this season. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20: Two houseguests still haven't been on the block this season. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 is inching closer to its first Eviction Ceremony of the summer. The BB20 cast hosted its first Veto Ceremony late Sunday (July 1), setting the stage for the eviction vote.

Big Brother 20 spoilers have come from the CBS live feeds ahead of Monday (July 2). In the afternoon on Sunday (July 1), the BB20 cast held its first Veto Ceremony. It was hosted by the winner of the Power of Veto, with the fates of the two nominees hanging in the balance.

As a reminder, Head of Household Tyler Crispen nominated two people for eviction. He went with Samantha Bledsoe and Steve Arienta at the first Nomination Ceremony of the season. Sam and Steve had a chance to save themselves by winning the Power of Veto, as the Veto Competition has been played as well.

The Week 1 Veto results

Previous Big Brother 20 spoilers have revealed the Veto results. Faysal Shafaat won the Power of Veto, and with it, the chance to save either Sam or Steve. It appears that Faysal was still content to not use the power, which means the nominations will remain the same.

Tyler, as the HOH, already had a plan if Faysal decided to use the Power of Veto. With that outcome, Tyler planned to use Bayleigh Dayton as the replacement nominee. Faysal also knows this information, and he doesn’t want Bayleigh to wind up on the block.

Veto Ceremony results – Big Brother 20 spoilers revealed

It seemed easy to predict that the Veto Ceremony could end up being very uneventful. Faysal decided to simply pocket the Power of Veto, meaning the eviction nominations will remain the same. It dictates that during the first Eviction Ceremony on July 5, that it will either be Samantha Bledsoe or Steve Arienta getting evicted.

As CBS viewers just found out on the July 1 episode, Sam has the secret trending power. Her advantage states that she can come back to the BB20 house if she is evicted within the first four weeks. She can also use the power to save another houseguest. As it stands, though, Sam would certainly use it on herself. But, is there a way she could save that power and have the house vote to evict Steve instead?

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The CBS live feeds will be a great place for Big Brother 20 spoilers on July 2. It could turn out to be uneventful, but at least viewers and live feed subscribers will have an idea of what’s coming up down the road. Could the BB20 cast have a surprise in store? Or are these Big Brother 20 spoilers going to be very predictable?

As it stands, Tyler now feels that Steve has the most votes against him. Could that shift? Or is Sam about to have the chance to save her power till later in the summer 2018 season? Tune in to find out!