10 best Abby moments in NCIS history

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4. Dealing with the stalker boyfriend

It probably wasn’t a best moment for Abby, but it was one of the best moments for character development and storyline. Abby became the focus of the episode when her stalker ex-boyfriend came to town. All this starts with a murder case and includes with a moment that will always be remembered by Abby fans.

While it turns out that the stalker wasn’t responsible for the murders, we do worry about Abby’s life throughout the episode. However, seeing McGee as Abby’s protector when they realize she’s targeted by a stalker and potential murderer is extremely sweet. Who didn’t laugh throughout the toothbrush scene?

3. Dealing with her autopsy fear

In the very first season of NCIS, we learn that Abby has a fear of autopsies. This was surprising to us at the time, considering we knew she was a Goth and she slept in a coffin. It’s not surprising that others were shocked to learn about her fear. There is something good that comes from the fear: she prevents herself from being kidnapped.

By the end of the episode, Abby gets over her fear. She lays on the autopsy table and is able to find some solace in it. There’s a connection to this in Abby’s final episode in NCIS Season 15 that you just need to see if you haven’t already!