From The Bridge documentary to show archival footage of sci-fi greats


New sci-fi documentary will display geek fandom evolution with archival footage. It will be interesting see how far we’ve come in the geek lifestyle.

This year’s sci-fi fest at San Diego Comic-Con will feature a From the Bridge discussion panel introduced by George Takei. Clips of the documentary will be revealed on July 19 and a teaser has already been released.

Greats and geeks like Kiss’ Gene Simmons, Star Trek‘s Nichelle Nichols and George Takei, and Stan Lee give their take in the teaser.

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From what I gather, this seems to be a play-by-play regarding the evolution of all things geeky. Gene Simmons talked about how comic book geeks would be made fun of for reading comics. Now, it’s part of the mainstream and Simmons expressed how the geeks have taken over.

Some people of our current generation probably recall how some of their peers or generations past considered reading comics wasn’t at all productive. It’s obvious that Gene is a fan as he has his own line of comics for KISS.

Nichols recalls a time regarding her encounter with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. If anyone recalls, he seriously emphasized her remaining on Star Trek. He saw the importance how her involvement was a huge part of a starting point that aligned with his dream.

I’ve seen various commentaries involving Gene Roddenberry and Stan Lee’s cultural influence told via their stories in the past. The emphasis on diversity, struggles, and the strive for equality through these mediums seems to be the driving force filling the hearts of pop culture. I’m guessing Takei and others could speak of their struggles and conflict situations in this flick.

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Sci-fi geeks may only think they’ve seen all they could regarding these fantastic creations and those that created them. However, the From the Bridge documentary is said to show “archival footage of creators like George Lucas and never-before-aired interviews with Gene Roddenbery, Leonard Nimoy and others”, according to Deadline.

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