No 4th of July plans? Stay in and binge-watch Fox’s Pitch

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Considered America’s past-time, there’s no better time to watch a show about baseball, and Fox’s Pitch is worth checking out on Independence Day.

Baseball is known as America’s past-time. An argument can be made about that, but sports are such a huge part of America’s identity. Baseball is unique as it’s pretty easy to understand and even non-baseball fans attend games for something to do.

For those of us not attending games, we can always binge-watch shows and movies about baseball. Many cite Field of Dreams and A League of Their Own among favorites. One show fans didn’t appreciate, but should now, is Fox’s short-lived series, Pitch.

Airing in 2016, Pitch focused on the first female MLB player, Ginny Baker. It aired on Thursday nights at 9/8c and that was the show’s downfall. Airing against ABC’s Thursday night line-up and Thursday Night Football, the show suffered poor ratings and was eventually canceled after only one season.

Thankfully, the TV gods aren’t letting it go that quick. Amazon Video has the entire series available to buy. Considering how important baseball is to most Americans, there’s no better time to take the plunge and give Pitch the chance it never got.

If you’re not fully convinced though, here are 3 reasons why you should binge-watch Fox’s Pitch.