Big Brother 20 rumors: Eviction vote counting for BB20 cast, who gets evicted July 5?

Big Brother 20 rumors: Eviction vote counting, who gets evicted July 5? (Brett Robinson Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 rumors: Eviction vote counting, who gets evicted July 5? (Brett Robinson Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 rumors include some hints about the first Eviction Ceremony. So who gets evicted on July 5? It’s time to do some eviction vote counting.

Big Brother 20 rumors about the July 5 eviction vote shed some interesting light on the BB20 cast. As it stands, Samantha Bledsoe and Steve Arienta are on the block. During the July 4 episode, it was revealed that Faysal Shafaat had won the Power of Veto. He decided to not use the power, keeping Head of Household Tyler Crispen’s nominees the same.

During the July 5 episode, the BB20 cast will have its first Eviction Ceremony of the summer. The 13 voting houseguests will decide whether to vote out Sam or Steve. As previously reported by Inside the BB House, Sam also has an advantage she can use. For being the most-trending houseguest, she has a chance to return from an eviction.

The Big Brother 20 rumors on eviction vote count

With 13 votes this week, it only takes seven votes to evict someone. There are some easier ones to predict, right out of the gate. The people likely voting against Sam are Bayleigh DaytonScotty Salton, Faysal Shafaat, and Chris Williams (Swaggy C). Three more people are leaning toward voting out Sam, and they are Haleigh Broucher, Kaitlyn Herman, and Angie Lantry (Rockstar). That’s already seven votes if nothing changes.

On the other side, Kaycee Clark, Winston Hines, JC Mounduix, Brett Robinson, Angela Rummans, and Rachel Swindler are planning to vote against Steve. If nothing changes, that is a 7-6 vote to evict Sambot. But will she be gone for very long?

Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers

It’s also worth mentioning that there were some Big Brother 20 spoilers that came out on the CBS live feeds about the eviction vote. Tyler’s Level Six alliance has a plan heading into the vote. If his hair is down, they are instructed to vote out Steve. If he has it in a bun, then they are to vote out Sam. This came up as Tyler told them all that Sam has the secret power and they all want her to be able to keep it to help them later. What they have to do now, though, is convince Kaitlyn to switch her vote.

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The July 5 eviction episode begins at 9/8c and it is going to be an interesting episode. Will Sam Bledsoe use her special power right away? Will she leave the BB20 house and only have a “chance” to come back through a competition? It is a Thursday night episode that viewers do not want to miss.