Well it’s about time you watched this: The Incredibles


For someone who writes about TV and film, I can be notoriously bad at watching things in a timely manner. This new feature is kicking off with me finally watching The Incredibles.

Can you believe that The Incredibles came out 14 years ago? I’m not sure what took me so long with this one, but I finally watched it just prior to Incredibles 2 being released. It is safe to say that I was pretty disappointed that I hadn’t watched this one sooner considering how much attention I give to superhero films these days.

When I sat down to watch the movie, it didn’t feel like I was watching something that came out over a decade ago. Maybe it’s less noticeable with animated films than it is with live-action ones, but the look of the movie instantly stood the test of time.

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Pixar did an excellent job of making me care about superheroes that didn’t belong to the DC or Marvel universes. It’s hard to compete with those two companies, but they made this work. I was highly impressed with how they built up all of the characters and nailed the sense of the family dynamic. Not to mention, they had a stellar cast voicing the characters.

As Mr. Incredible (aka Bob Parr, voiced by Craig T. Nelson) went back and forth from his mundane job, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He has this extraordinary ability and he’s constantly being scolded by his boss because he actually wants to use his job at the insurance company to help people.

Elastigirl (aka Helen Parr, voiced by Holly Hunter) and Mr. Incredible trying to lead normal lives didn’t seem like it was going to work for an extended amount of time. By the end of the movie, you know just how much they missed the superhero life and even the kids are enjoying it now that they’ve had a taste for it.

Helen initially had no idea that Violet and Dash even joined her on her mission to save her husband until it was too late. This was well done, because you know she didn’t want to involve them, but once they were on the plane she couldn’t do much about it. While she doesn’t want her kids in harms way, she has to trust them enough to know how to use their powers without constant supervision.

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Lucius Best (Samuel L. Jackson) has a nice role in the movie, too. He’s a fun addition and has a fun relationship with the Parr’s. With him and Mr. Incredible sneaking around at night, you get a real sense of their relationship and he has fun suiting up again later in the movie, too.

Overall, this was a really enjoyable movie. I was highly impressed with it as I was watching it and even more so after the fact. Even Jack Jack brings a fun character to the table and he’s not even able to talk much, if at all really. All around, these characters were developed in a great way and you really just wanted to spend time with them by the end of the movie because they seem fun to hang around. I’m also happy to report that I didn’t wait nearly as long to see Incredibles 2.