When does The Voice season 15 premiere on NBC?

Another season of NBC’s The Voice is on the horizon. When exactly will NBC’s hit singing competition premiere?

The Voice is soon returning for another season of insane vocals and inevitable bickering between Blake and Adam. Monday and Tuesday nights are still probable. When will the competition begin?

When Season 15 drops one thing’s for sure. The ratings better take a rebound from season 14, or there might not be future seasons. In season 14, The Voice took a tumble on both nights. On average, there was a 15% slip in 18-49 year old demographic, and a 6.5% drop in viewers.

Deducing the premiere date

Based on history, there is an almost certainty NBC’s hit series will premiere in September. Each of the last seven fall seasons has started in September. Finding the exact Monday for the premiere of the 15th season is where it becomes somewhat of a guessing game. The last six seasons have started on either the third or fourth Monday of the month. That narrows it down to the 17th or the 24th. IMDB and the always trustworthy Wikipedia point to the 24th.

Not since The Voice Season 2 in 2012 has the series started before September 19th. That makes the fourth Monday of the month a very likely candidate for the premiere. The 24th it is!

New coaches

When The Voice season 15 does premiere, there will be yet another group of coaches. Mainstays Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will occupy the 1st and 4th seats, but the middle two seats have a new arrangement. Kelly Clarkson returns for her second season in a row. Can she win in her first two seasons ever? Christina Aguilera made it clear she was not returning; so, one middle seat remains.

Joining Kelly from the American Idol crossover will be Jennifer Hudson. Remember, Jennifer was a coach in season 13, but stepped away for a season to let Alicia Keys step in for a season. Then again, Alicia stepped aside to let Jennifer in for her first go-around. Maybe this is something they’ve arranged already and there is a batting order for the next few seasons? Both are great judges. Maybe they can appear one season against each other in the very near future.

Don’t miss The Voice Season 15 premiere beginning September 24 (?) on NBC. Which coach do you think will win the upcoming season?