The Voice: Top 5 Blind Auditions of Season 14

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3. Johnny Bliss made everyone feel his love for Puerto Rico.

If Adam uses his block you know it’s serious. Johnny Bliss, from Puerto Rico by way of New York, ripped out the first few notes in Spanish and there was no doubt about his place on the show. It literally took five seconds for the block to get used.

It is quite rare for a Latino to fully impress when singing in Spanish on a primarily English-speaking show. His falsetto is flawless. Beautiful. The passion in his voice is undeniable. The quality of his blind audition was so impressive that even though Blake Shelton pressed his button for Johnny, nearly the entire time he talked he advocated for Alicia as coach. He was so good that Blake was completely flummoxed about the purpose of turning around!

Ultimately, Johnny didn’t make it out of the second round. He won the knockout round, but didn’t get enough votes to automatically proceed later on (which was actually the 17th episode).