The Voice: Top 5 Blind Auditions of Season 14

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1. Terrence Cunningham stunned every.single.person who watches The Voice.

First of all, I’m not crying. You’re crying! With hints of the late, great Prince, Terrence Cunningham is one of those absolutely indelible, ineffable singers. Only a great poet can truly put into words what this blind audition accomplishes.

Goosebumps is a good place to start. Head to toe. The song is so delicate, so beautiful, it’s one of the greatest blind auditions in The Voice history. It might be the best! If you see one of those “top ten auditions in The Voice history”-compilation videos and it doesn’t include this performance from Terrence, down-vote immediately.

The sheer creativity is difficult to comprehend. He has the ability to make viewers reminisce about happier times. He mentally teleports listeners to a peacefully jubilant place, a happy sliding penguin from Fight Club place. This performance dedicated to his daughter is Brave New World soma.

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There you have it! The best five auditions from The Voice season 14. Do you agree with the rankings? Is there someone you believe is missing? Leave a comment to argue for your favorite!