Castle Rock brings plenty of mystery to the small town

CASTLE ROCK -- "Severance" - Episode 101 - Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu, Image Acquired from Hulu Press
CASTLE ROCK -- "Severance" - Episode 101 - Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu, Image Acquired from Hulu Press /

Castle Rock combines various Stephen King properties to tell a new story. The series hits Hulu on July 25 and we had a chance to check out the first few episodes!

Stephen King adaptations are everywhere you look these days, but one that I have my eyes on right now is Castle Rock. The series is unique because it isn’t a direct adaptation of one book or story of his. Instead, it combines various aspects of different stories he’s told throughout the years. When you watch the show, you’ll find it full of Easter eggs.

The story revolves around Henry Deaver, who represents people on death row. It’s not a glamorous job by any means, but it’s the one he has. He also has a checkered history with his hometown of Castle Rock, Maine. As the story moves along, you find out bits and pieces about his past from him and others in the town. He’s brought back to the town by a mysterious phone call.

Castle Rock is also home to Shawshank State Prison and this is where things get downright bizarre. There’s just something inherently creepy about the place and some of the people in it. You won’t be disappointed with the twists and turns the show takes.

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The writing on the show has been well thought out. While you know you’re living in Stephen King’s universe, they’re letting the new story develop on its own merits. It just happens to take place in this town that most King fans are likely already familiar with. The show also has familiar faces from Carrie and IT with Sissy Spacek and Bill Skarsgård starring in the show. However, they aren’t reprising their respective roles.

Four episodes in, there’s still a lot that isn’t given to us. We know that something is lurking around the corner, but we’ll just have to wait to get there. While things revolve around Henry Deaver, he’s not the only character of interest. The cast is stellar and we highly recommend checking this out if you’re a fan of Stephen King’s work. There will be plenty to dive into and enjoy.

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The first three episode of Castle Rock premiere on Hulu on July 25. Be sure to check it out!