Dragon Ball Super film reveals title and a first look

Photo Credit: Toei Animation / DBS
Photo Credit: Toei Animation / DBS /

The first Dragon Ball Super movie is headed our way and the first visual confirms a fan favorite character is set to return!

If you are a Dragon Ball lover, you have seen various incarnations of the series through Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and the most recent installment, Dragon Ball Super. Each has had a slightly different tone than its predecessor, as Super tended to be slightly more lighthearted than the action-heavy DBZ. With the latter half of DBS, it began to pick up the pace just before closing with a new heightened power level – but the series promised a return with the upcoming film that was slated as the first Dragon Ball Super film in the series lengthy run.

Details had initially been scare in regards to the film, but as the release gets closer we have more information regarding the official plot. It has now been confirmed that the film will be titled Dragon Ball Super: Broly and will reunite Goku with the legendary Saiyan that exhibits brute strength against any and all opponents.

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The visual aid shows Goku and Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan Blue, with a background that includes Broly in his powered-up Saiyan state. The poster reads, “The greatest enemy Saiyan” promising a winter themed battle between some of the world’s most powerful beings. We also know that this will connect to Frieza and his army – without knowing the exact connection so far.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will bring Saiyan action back to theaters starting December 14, 2018, and is currently planning for a worldwide same-day release. Akira Toriyama has said that he knows the character of Broly has received love around the world, so it will certainly be an interesting film by bringing him back so many years since his last appearance.

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Are you excited to see a battle of the Saiyans?